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  '2nd dae open hous!'
Posted at 2/15/2010 03:13:00 PM
Shiats! My white pants turn into bLack... =.=

Dis mwnink wake-up so earLy.. TT,, huuu~
c0s havta go 2 Smarahan hir 2 smbt tetamu.. :PP (nw at smrahan use broadband on9!)
B4 go semarahan, sudnLy David, Grace & PearL cum... =P ahahaha!!
Long tym no c frenss! :P

Me & David.. =P LOL... 2 much Light.. TT,,

Den wen we OTW go smarahn, c d tym Late ordy.. :P Mumy guez dat d guest wiL arive 1st den us.. ahaha! she guess so ryt.. :PP We saw Uc Joseph OTW der.. :P haha!
Den dady overtake.. LOL,, bt suprisingLy he arrive d Latez.. ehehe~ he go singgah kdai kopi c0s he tot d fud hvn rdy yet.. :P haha!

Picts :)

Dady & UncLe Joseph.. ;)

Doez nyum2s


After eat, i so BORED, i go 2 Ah King ee apartment.. wich is bsyd us one.. :P
haha! well opposite actualLy..
Den, i go Lepak wid dem Vincent & Dickson.. :P haha! Vincent phone is 2 yrs old, n Dickson ones is 3... WTH.. Hw dey get deir phone 2 Live a Long Lyf? :P haha!

Dickson wid his phone.. ehhehehe~ ;)
I korek2 his phone, so mny gurLs pict oo.. o.O Gt 31 of em.. LOL.. diff faces.. =P
Vincent say he pLayboy.. :PP I heran toL.. =.=.. Vincent moe hnchem, bt Dickson gets oL d gurLs.. haha! I c Vincent phone, js gt Ah King ee pict nia.. :P haha!

Vincent... :P haha! I Luph dis pict of him.. :D Luks gay doe..
I ask him bout d bag, he say "expensive bo! Elvi... " :P He rmyns me of sum1.. hmm.. ^____^

Neways,, dno wad 2 do wid dem, i ajak MariLynne n Sugi go Lepak.. LOL.. :P
i trcuri Vincent dad sLipar.. :D haha! I tot is dady wan de.. =.=
Neways,, me n MariLynne as usuaL korek2 Sugi phone.. :P haaa! Gt dis gurL pict oo...
I bLuetooth her pict n teL sugi im gna juaL it.. :D lLu mnas dat kid.. ngahaha!!
He smpi2 wan 2 ptus our taLi prsaudraan... LOL~ Den he brjaya oso dLit her picts.. haha!
Den he deny dat he Lyks her.. WTH.. :P Haiz!

Me & MariLynne.. ;) Sugi d photographer.. haha!

Den wen wan take picts wid Sugi sudnLy his mum n MariLynne mum say wan go bak.. :P


Den after dey go bak, i sLp... den wen i hear gt MEN talking wid dady...
I cnt sLp agen.. =P Uc Dimbab n Uc err.. Uc.. err.. Untie Irene hsbnd.. =P
haha! Dey visit c0s dey js cum bak frm work.. heheehee~

So i woke-up n den c Eunice n koko... :)) Den Eunice say wan sel her BLueberry-9350...
LOL~ 2 chacha, c0s oni she can afford it doe.. haha!

My Luph ♥

Dis is syamsuL bear.. xP He say his aunt giv fer his bdae.. wich is Lyk a week ago.. (i tink)
haha! :P 1st2 he say it so ugLy... apa2lh.. den he sen my picts 2 me! ShiLaka! >>
Dats wad i said 2 him.. LOL.. den he sen me d above pict.. ahaha! =P
He makes me wna own 1 too.. Haha! :)

Haizz! >.> I so EMO doee... :(
I din crank bh.. d post i posted bout him, was js fer FUN.. i din n0e u cared.. I tot ur careLess, c0s u din bLs my msj... :( hw was i supoz 2 n0e ur phone Lost o wad so ever.. :'(
Haiz! Haiz! N i din mean it wen i say i HATE u doe.. huhuh! Its just an expression....

Nw,, i be-nggong doe.. huhu~ I dno i singLe o not? c0s d way u sc0Ld sounds as if i kna konkong agen.. Haizz! >.<


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