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  '3rd ady?'
Posted at 2/16/2010 06:24:00 PM
Its d 3rd dae of CNY lerr.. :)
I wish i can c EveLyn, Ying(evn tho she nearLy kiL my reLationship) & DeLson agen.. =/
I ask EveLyn 2 visit my hous Leh.. Bt she din bLs my msj.. :(

Neways, im bak home agen! weeee~ :) ehehehehe~
I Luph on9-nin @ home btr den on9-nin at smarahan.. c0s broadband is sumtink ugLy.. :P
ahaha! evntho convenience.. hee~

Dis aftern0on at smarahan, me n cha2 drink beer! :D well, nt beer-beer, bt rut-beer.. haha!


Wen go home, cha2 n Eunice made a business wid each other.. haha!
N nw cha2 nw owns a.......
BLUEBERRY!!-9350.... :P

haha! Bt she wan ppL 2 tink its a BLackberry.. haha! :P

Neways, jeff hurt his Lips.. haha! :P he was Lyk oL crying at me... wyL im bLogging...
I scream 2 him, "WTH! u fyn me? Go teL mumy Lh!"....
Im a riLi nyc sister doe.. haha! :P

oh2, dady ask cha2 2 make him a fcebuk... :O w0nder whether wna add him onot?
Its Lyk a suicidaL if i add him.. :P


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