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  'AngeL vs DeviL'
Posted at 2/02/2010 02:54:00 PM
*Pris sits in the corner duin nuttin, js tinking*
SudenLy..... Sum wer in Pris head...

AngeL Pris:I tink i Luph Lemon, n mby dats d truth.. :)
Devil Pris:Hoii!! Nooo... I dun Luph him... His just a guy in my Lyf... :(
AngeL Pris:Dun Liee! God say its wrong 2 Lie! :)
DeviL Pris:Its d truth!!???.....
AngeL Pris:Says d devil hu created bad tinks in d worLd... :P
DeviL Pris:Grrrr,, I hate u AngeL Priss!! :@ I wonder y Pris created u!!....
AngeL Pris:Bc0s Pris hev gud n bad syds.. N bc0s of u she Luphs 2 taLk in cLs.. :D
DeviL Pris:I hate youuu!! :( *throw buiLdings towards another buiLding*
AngeL Pris:U hate me, bt i Luph u.. :)
AngeL Cass:Hey, hey... Dun 4get dat she Luph 2 bulLy Cass! Bt oL is 4given.. :)
DeviL Cass:I hate Pris.. Shes annoying?!!... :@, Lets burn her dignity...
AngeL Cass:Noo! Dun do dat.. 4giv n Luph her as u Luph urseLf.. :)
AngeL Pris:Yeaahh.. Dat is wad God say bfore we came here.. ehehehehe =P
DeviL Pris:I hatteee Lemon!
AngeL Pris:Here u go agenn .. xP
AngeL Husna n OLga:Priss Luph Lemon!! :P
DeviL Pris:Grr,, I Luph myseLf! Nobody eLse?!... :@ Hw 2 prove it harh! U ppL dun beLief me... :(
AngeL & DeviL Cass:Says the deviL.. :D
MicheaL Jackson:Oii2..!! =P Let me sing a tune 4 u.. ;)
Pris:Hoi3!! y sudnLy mny ppL msk my head... =P
*AngeL n DeviL cass poofs away*
MicheaL Jackson:Ur head?? ... Arent i in EngLand? ...
Pris:Err.. No?...
MJ:Ooooppsss.. wRoong.. =P Bye2... *Poofs away*
AngeL Husna:Yeaa.. Soee Pris, neways me n AngeL oLga wan 2 go Liao.. =) Byee!
Pris:Oryt.. Say hye 2 Ga n Husna k.. ;)
DeviL Pris:Heyy... Pris... TeL us.. Do yuu Lyk Lemon? ;)
AngeL Pris:Yeaa.. Pris.. TeL us.. :P
Pris:Errr... Gago! xP Ur my inner tots, i tot u guys suppose 2 noe?...
DeviL Pris:Waddya tink we're God?.. =.="
AngeL Pris:Yeaaa...! xD
Pris:Err... Hsy! i w0nder y ppL owes ask me dat ques?.. :( k Lh, k Lh.. i wan 2 do sumtink.. Mls i wan taLk 2 u guys... :P
AngeL n DeviL Pris: K byeee... =) Dhaa2! *poofs away*

Y ppL owes ask me if Lyk Lemon?? :( So irritating..... :|

i n0e hw much he hates nugget, bt i still giv him anewae.. :P
+He giv me rm2.50.. so rich.. xP I will giv him bak 2mrw.. ehehehe.. :)
Tak trima... =P

Ckgu Ling ask me, "Y u owes Hepi?"
I answered, "dno?.."
She say, "Meaning u crazy lh?"
Pris swt drop den answer, "No.. Nehh.. *points at Cass* She owes make me Lauf.."

I rmbr ystrdy me n Kiam Khai fyting... xP

We 2 fyts hu n0es ckgu Mary is a dance teacher at frenship park der..
(+both our m0m join d same dancing cls)
We 2 fyt tiL we havta play rock, pper, scissors...
xD I w0n!! =) +hw Lame r we.. :P

Oh2, js nw after sch, go 2 Chin Chen Coffee Shop @ Tbuan Lru der..
Nyum3.. :) Den wen go home, dady discover koko nt at home, n d keys at officee...
den we 2 dady go 2 office n gets it... LOL... =P Cum bak Late.. huhu!
+so coLd.... :| Use umbrella still can wet.. TT

+evry1 notice... *maLu2*.. ahahahaha!! :D


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