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Posted at 2/07/2010 04:22:00 PM
Wen 2 church Late dis mwnink...
xtra2 Late.. =P

Gt taLentym finaList sing deir own compose songs.. ;)

+I heran...... I owes sit either bhyn o front of J-remiah... :P
B4 i fyn sit oso, in my head ordy say, "Xur i sit near J-remiah"...
btuL2 bLaku.. haih! =P

After church, Go bouLevard..
Buy new shirt.. :)) N skinny whites.. =P

Wan buy short pants, bt der so xpensive.. n mumy say tak ssuai.. huu~

Den wen pay, mumy ask me 2 cLaim angpau at d 3rd floOr.. my GOD! o.O
i waLk here n der n i ask here n der 4 dat tink..

Den i discover Eyesight OpticaL gt do musicaL chairs competition 4 smaL kid..
I ask fifi join, bt she malu2... :P
Trpksa i fyn jeff, hahaha! I brdgiL wan brink him join... :)
Wen we arrive d spot, d ppL ordy start.... tinking i was 2 Late....

Boom boom boom Boom boom boom Boom boom boom Boom boom boom ( yo I got the hit that beat the block You can get that bass overload I got the that rock and roll The future flow

SuddenLy.... "Eyh2, u 2 wna join?? :)".... Says d host 2 Fifi n Jeff... yeee! :P

Neves i c dem pLay... :P Evn dey no neves... ahahaha!
I c dat fom 2 gurL Leh.. we chat 4 a wyL.. +her siss gt join d nxt round, bt Loss... pity2..

B4 d game start oso gt introducing... :P

N guess wad??.... Dey both won... :)) Im so proud...
If i din force em, xur dey win nuttin... :D
Fifi chose 2 get a barbie, n jeff get a pLay dough.. haha!


Dat host mmg pmbuLi.. xDxD Bt i cud admit his lil saLty.. :P
He say 2 fifi n Jeff, 2 sit der n wait 4 deir prizes... den he say, dun care ur jie2 stand..
:P +he hLu mee.. huuu~ i choose present 4 Jeffrey.. haha! xD
Dat jeffrey wna get voucher crmin mta.. ngok! >.>

+Dey gt free aiskrim as well.. huuu~

Wen go bak, Lemon msj.. he say he gt go BouLevard.. sme tym Lyk me agen...
huhuhuhuhu! :(

n,n... o i c at BouLevard was dat fom 2 gurl, catherine, n Ckgu Ellena n famiLy...


D pLaydough i made.. :) Im a teenager, bt i cn stiL act lyk a kid... :P

Last nyt dady cum bakk frm 4 Points frm a Reporters Dinner...
o sumtink Lyk dat?... he brought home so mny Dgi goodie bags, n evn Tea?.. :P

KewL~~ :))
Dady Lucky draw kna Broadband.. Dady say he omos kena bLackberry.. oo.. hmmmff.. :(
A simcard khas 4 3g internet.. :P Mine... !!
Bt i dno hw 2 use geh.. huuu~

New picts ;)

Dhaaaaa!~ :))

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