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  'Burp XP'
Posted at 2/10/2010 02:26:00 PM
Yeay! OLga giv me charger ordy =)
No nid 2 wry durink CNY..

Talking 2 Cassandra is sumtink riLi gudd?.. :)
She makes me reaLise.. haha!
I reaLise im a knitwid 4 owes pra-sngka bruking.. :D
I telL her, mby c0s i trLmpau romantic.. haha!
She say, dat, if 2 romantic nt gud.. c0s cpt jeLes..
dats y she wans sum1 misterious.. :D
I rnung n tink hard ystrdy bout oL dis n finaLy cum out wif dis n dat..

2mrw KeLvin Hiis' goin 2 BL.. hmmff~ Can c Lemon evrydae agen.. :|
I ask him 2 hug n kish Lemon 4 me, he dun wan.. ;D

Neways, js nw no PJK(Kcian 2 doez, hu briya2 brink bju PJ), so Ckgu Law gnti wid Chemist..
i hate if she teach me in cLs.. =|
Her saLiva owes cum down.. huuu~ Dh Lh i sit in front.. me owes jdi mngsa..
wLpn Cass sit bsyd me.. =P
I tink im d most dumbass pers0n i evr meet.. :P Hw cum i can stupidLy sLh do d graph..
ngahahaha!!.. Grr,, I cry Laufing wen she tell me my mistake..
RiLi so funny.. :D

Tym BM, i siasat2 bout d Guru PLatih hu seTuLisn wid me.. =)
Her name is Ckgu ZaxkLyn PauLa.. haha!
She gt fcebuk, wan fyn it.. :D +She stays at semarahan der...
Hw cum evrytym i ask ppL wer der stay in semarahan, owes say Desa iLmu..
Izit oni gt Desa iLmu at semarahan der kh pa? =P

Tym rhat, i go up go down d bLok.. :(( Neh! Dat Ckgu Law... =P
WelL actualLy i was 2 bzy body asking her bout wad tym go bak?
c0s dun hev Luar Sidang.. Heee~
Den wyL i was duin d waLking up n down thingy, i saw ppL fyting..
welL d end of it tho.. :P C0s wen i c, i c Ckgu Lee Wee Na, catching dem..
haha! :P i evesdrop frm sumwer dat 1 guy htang smbody money? dno Lh..

Den tym physics, i Lwt msk a liL bit.. =P Owes me Lwt.. haha!
Me n cassandra Lh.. heheeee~
I owes c empty seat in physics Lab.. n it rmyns me of Lemon.. =/
If can i wan ikut his jejak kki, bt im thinking straight.. LOL~
I wna bcum bos of kwartwanan nxt year.. =P
Oh yea,, my cita kuar rdy..eyh2, i kuar cita ady.. =P Neways, i telL Ckgu LesLie, traffic jam js nw.. :D

Imma photostating machine.. :) i photostate desmond math work..
Wen i c omos oL correct, i suddnLy feeL bad bout myseLf.. =/
huuuu~ I wiL try harder nxt tym...

Me n Cass share2 secrets js nw.. :) Hee.. Dn wry Cass, i kip ur deLicate secret.. ;)
N won bcor.. ehehehe~

N i hope, i tak pra-sngka bruk wid her agenn.. huu~ ;( Its just dat, evrytink makes me feeLs Lyk dat? mby she was just taLking bout a fruit?... :( Grr,,
I tink im evn haLucinating bout evrytink..

+I tgh cri font fer my bLog.. ssh bh... :(( Im bored of oL font.. geh2..
N,n... i dno y? Bt since in cLs i mgidam dat AvriL Lavigne song- Hot.. =P
I owes jingLe2 dat s0ng c0s i dn0 d Lyrics.. :D

o yeaahh,, 2dae is SymsuL bdae! I give him Ltr bh.. =)
Wen i wake-up dis mwnink, i trima msg frm him saying dat it is his bdae 2dae..
Sy twu vero pn da trima, kn? kn? =P
PLik btuL.. haha!!

O yea,, actually gt KRS 2dae, bt i super mLs wan 2 go.. :P
Dat teacher teL Late.. she dno kh i havta pLan 4 evrytink.. =/
Neways,, a Lil regret wen meL say she bcum AJK..

+1 more tink.. Imma dictator.. ;D Crazy-power Laydee.. hahaha!


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