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Posted at 2/09/2010 02:29:00 PM

Ngee,, ;) ahahaha!
Tym sej, i so7 the very sLpy.. :( must b c0s i Late on9 dat dae.. huu~
BLsn! :D neways, den i sumhw sLp durink sej.. xD
Sdng2 i dream of sumtink, sdnLy i feeL ckgu Sej ccuk my abdomen use Liquid!
Ngaittiiieee.. I terjun trkjut mcm apa, ;D

Den Cass teL me So0n n Joshua pn kna..
Teacher tot so0n pLay phone, so he go near2 2 so0n fce,, :P
i guess so0n trbgn after dat?
Den Joshua hand kna pcit by d teacher.. haha!

Cass oso say, d teacher nid 2 tink 4 1 minute 2 wake me up..
ahahahhaa! She say d teacher dno hw 2 wake me up, c0s its inapropriate if he touch me.. :)
so yeaaa... hahahaha! xD

Joshua, Husna n CharLston oL msk LKJ.. :P
Huuu~ Dat cLsro0m gt aircon...

Ckgu Flowrese read out sum essays on d physicaL attributes on d person whom i wud Lyk 2 spend d rest of Lyf... :P
Well, she din read myn.. :)) I guess myn was 2 common.. haha!
She read CharLston 1.. "She has reddish brown hair"... den she points 2 me.. ==
Den she read2 agen, "N smooth face wif no pimples..".. Its nt me.. LOL~

She read Desmond one Leh.. He wryt, dat he wan 2 marry sum1 hu joined Mss Universe..
Swt drop.. :D

Myn ;)

I don't need someone attractive. His hair must be originaL asian bLack. And it must not be any Longer then his shouLder. His eyes shouLd shine Like a diamond(hha!)..
He must be someone taller then me. He can have muscLes like the WWE wrestLer or he can have none. BUT one thing is, that he must have white pearLy teeths to shows that he neither smokes or skip brushing teeth(WTH).
The person whom I wouLd Like to spend the rest of my Life withe must be someone who can carry my shopping bags whenever I go shopping. He can be as romantic as Prince Charming in one of those fairy taLes. He must be honest, devoted, clever and reLigious. He must be someone who Loves and care about LittLe chiLdren. And whenever he sees a beggar, begging for money, he must not hesistate to donate. He must know how to cook and wake up earLy in the morning. He cannot be a mama's boy and he must not aLways have to depend on others. He must not be so serious and he must know how to make me happy when I'm down.


2dae? ;)

StiL so, so, so, so shock bout Sie Tak.. :D Hmmff.. Regret asking him wad he eat..
Grrr,, hahaha! ;D

hw mny tyms i hiccup in cLs js nw.. grr,, Cassandra.. :x

2dae, gt 4 ppL msk Beta.. :))
KelLy, Bejang, Chan Lek Heng, n Adrian.. :P

CLs so crowded.. :((

Ngehh! 4got telL... :P
Ystrdy go PUM.. weeeee~ :)) ahahhaa!
We mnage 2 get rm100+.. After kra2, adib say untung shari rm4+.. ;)
bLh Lh 2.. xDxD


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