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Priscilla Tawie
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  '*EMO FACE*'
Posted at 2/04/2010 02:15:00 PM
I reaLise yer no Longer der......

Grrr,, angry at Lemon.. *angry, angry, angry*....

Js nw, evrytym i Luk at his pLace, i c Chun Hua?...
Suxx.. =P

Neways, durink maths.. I maLukn dri agen.. xD
Y do i owes hav 2 do dat?
Anewaess,, Teacher ask me 2 throw pper,
she say dno y Shah pper wid her..
Den i say Shah at Gama ady.. Den she say, "no2, he pndh Teknik bL ady"...
Den i say,"Awwhh.. Cmua orng pndh bL :("....
Den evrybody bsng2, gt sum ejek2 me.. LOL.. hahaha!

+I gt Kit Kat hancur(dno wad happen, mby meLt?) frm ckgu Mohaini oso!
She giv me, Desmond, Cass n Joshua 1 bc0s we brjaya kumpul d most coupons.. xP
well, actually, oni desmond answer d ques, he so fast fyn answer arh! ppL bru hbs wryt d soaLn he ady fnys do.. =P n we gt d crdts.. haha! :D
Po0r Jimmy..! Wan 2 curi Desmond bt knot.. Desmond dkwL ketat oLh me.. x)
(Lemon,, i buLi ur bresfren Liao... xP)

.. bt desmond n cass gt 2(grr,,) c0s dey got fuL marks 4 Maths test.. :(

Js nw, gt EST.. i wonder y i get 55 oni.. :(
Under 60 knot msk EST liao.. huhu!.. Bt, bt....
Nsb dat teacher giv chnce.. :))

Eyh2, meL say.. d 1 hu punch dat kid, is a gurL?.. :O
Dat kid repot 2 teacher, dat dat gurL gurLfren ponteng.. Ngahaha!
LOL ;D Lessbo!

Js nw, Joshua Luahkn evrytink 2 me.. Kcian he.. ;(
I yesaL evr mrh2 he.. huhu!

Hrmmm,, wad agen happen hoe??....

Oh2, Mdm Flowrese say dat she wiL force us 2 make bLogs?..
Grr2,, Havta make new one.. =P c0s dis bLog d eng nt gud, n 2 much secLet.. haha!

Last bt nt Least,
"Casss! FnaLy we understand Add Maths :D.."
UsuaLy desmond understands 1st n btr den us, bt 2dae his brain maLfunction c0s he has d fLuss.. =P

+I found my add maths book n maths book.. =P
OLga steaL.. haha! jk,jk~


Dhaa! ;)

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