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Posted at 2/26/2010 01:08:00 PM
I am not a gaga-holic.. :D Found dis, and thought it was interesting.. xP

1. You click the like button of (nearly) all of her post even if they don't make sense

2. You dance the moves in Bad Romance or do the MJ's Thriller hands.

3. Everytime u hear that she's having a tour, you'd badly want to go there.

4. You dreamed you met her.

5. You badly want to meet her / met her

6. You think most of her outfits are 'high fashion'

7. You wish you could hurt those who says shes a hermaphrodite or says shes a trash.

8. You want her to win all of the award shes been nominated for.

9. You want her to perform at awards show!

10. You downloaded and bought her songs.

11. You loved the acoustic versions.

12.You love her wanna be her

50.She ur Idol

51.You sing along every time you hear her song.

52.You get excited whenever her song is coming up next on the radio.

53.You love all her Music Video.

54.You think her video is Iconic.

55.Her Fashion is iconic.

56.You think Lady gaga can dance. get defensive if anybody says any thing bad about her

58.You Wikipedia-ed her atleast twice, to find her real name and her birth date :)

59.You believe the phrase 'I need to learn all of her songs' is impossible, due to her head-noddin, catchy lyrics, its kinda easy to 'catch' all of her songs within a few repeats :) know that her boyfriend is known just as "Speedy"

61.A very obvious one - you're a fan of her in Facebook :D

62.You loved it when she screamed 'Obama, I know you're listening. ARE! YOU! LISTENING?!!?. That moment was TOTALLY EPIC! enter every competition to win tickets for her show.

64.You friends with Gay xD

65.You think she deserved to win all the awards nominated

66.You think she sexy. are always thinking ; dreaming and talking about her dont care what people says about her .the only thing you care is that you love her and shes he best think she's the best singer EVER!!!

70.when u hear her song u always find it where it was and u sing it


(you haer the BAD ROMANCE!) in ur TV and u will go there to watch

71.You wanna kiss and hug her everytime you see an interview of her

72.You like all other Fans of her ♥

73.You pump up the volume every time you hear a song of her in the radio or on tv.

74.You want her bad romance! Ooooh oooh oh uh-uh ohhh~ 'caught in a bad romance'

75.on your recently played list more than half of the songs are hers try to copy her outfits or makeup

77.If U Scream When You Hear A Music Of Her To The Radio

78.If U Think That She'll Change The Musi

79.If U're Fascinate By Her

80.If U Think She's Advanced over Her time

81.You know her dogs, Lava and Rumpus :))

82.all of the pictures you take of yourself always have you doing a monster claw/showing your teeth ;)

83.You wanna have tattoo like hers

84.You cant stand to sing/dance along when you heard her music, even in public !!

85.Every song of her like a theme song to you

86.You hope there will be a barbie version of lady gaga, and you #1 to buy it....

87.That you love and support her at all times, especially when stupid people and press are constantly trying to pull her down as regards the business of "hermaphrodite" and wish they all would drop the subject

88.Made crazy outfits to match hers!

89.You refer your friends as Monsters, like she refers her fans as Monster

90.You can't fckin wait to see her perform at the Grammys and win!! Or any other show.

91.You watched most of her interview, especially the Most Fascinating People of '09

92.You forgot there was a radio because you never take her CD out of the radio.

93.all of your news feed involves Lady Gaga know that she likes to be called Gaga instead of Lady Gaga

95.she is in every conversation you have with your friends.

96.You believe Kesha is a wanna be Gaga and hope she gets ran over by a big bus.

97.You love her and her music to fuckin death!!!!

98.No matter how many times you've played The Fame, you still can't stop listening to it (its been over a year and I love it just as much as the first time I've heard it!)

99.Your profile picture is of Lady Gaga

100.You are listening to her right now!

101.You read this post, and don't even realise that they are actually missing numbers! :P

Remix it! +stole it from Lorenzo.. haha!

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