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  'Gempar Bumi! Arh~'
Posted at 2/27/2010 11:41:00 PM

Vero, kuk jobong iyoh, tpi... kuk idoh buleh palik ngn iyoh.. :(
The pig, the Tupai(severe injured cause by me xP), the shirt & the keychain..

Vero! Abng (tak) hnchem kta msj sy tdi.. haha! :DD

& when he message me, i tried to remember his face.. Then i thought he look familiar.. haha! ;D Mashaalaaa! He is Desmond big brother.. xDD
Don't know how to face Desmond, even though, he don't even know anything, its still awkward doee..! They both look the same.. =.=" onLy Desmond had that nerdy look.. xP Haha! no offence.. :))

i fall down bkit...
1st2 i wanted to fall down,
BUT den i hug tak jdi fall lh..
n ewwwww....=[

-4th May 2009

Haha! Just wanna tell you, whatever lh with you.. :P I won't fall for it, cause i think, what you tell me is something impossible.. :)

Oh! I got a new pet.. ;)

If you see properly, you can see a pig.. LOL~ La~mae,,, :D
My pig die so many times, till i have to make it all over agenn.. ):

+Just now uncLe Bobby give many2 process seafood from kL..
Crab meat, sushi&crab meat, Siobee~
SIOT arh! not to be rude or unappreciated or what, its just that, its not only ugLy, it make my stomach uncomfortable.. :'( ouuu~ feel like puking but can't.. feel like going to the toilet, but nothing comes out.. don't even feel like eating mix rice.. :(

Oh2, This afternoon, when me, fifi & jeff play games, my hand brought me to explore, :) Then i saw that my requested-song was being uploaded already.. :D yay!
But when i tried to play it, can't.. :'( The bandwidth exceed.. huu~ so i see that super junior song.. :) i hear one-by-one... Then i don't know what brought me to find the translations.. :)
I check the translation one-by-one.. Then i realize that Let's not suit me the best.. :)

Then i go back to Taeyang-Wedding Dress.. can already.. ;D But i want to put Super Junior song in my blog, so i put Taeyang on tumbLr.. :P Those two Korean songs are the most-LIKED by me among all.. haha! but if there are more interesting ones, i would surely LIKED em too! :) hehe~

Dhaa~ :))

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