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  'Genting HighLand'
Posted at 2/26/2010 09:11:00 PM
I've never been to Genting, but would want to some day.. :)

I open my Genting pendrive that day, and i found so many picts on Genting..
So nice.. :O Gonna edit em, & post.. haha! xP Mean while, here some unedited-but-look-edited photos of Genting.. :)

Picts ;)

Japanese Garden ;)

This is Dragon Mineral Water from the Chin Swee Temple.. :)
Awh~ This is just so beautiful.. :)


Photographs of couples.. ;)

This pict make me rethink on where i would like my wedding to be... :D

The most LIKED-BY-ME couple pictures... ;)


DazzLe ;)


Yay! Finally done.. :)) It took me like, *looks at the clock*.. OMG! 2 hours? =.=
From 9+ to 11+.. haha! xD Always like that de.. haha!
Kcian Tern.. Wait so long for my message.. xP
+Actually got so many2 pictures, maybe up to 100+.. But to much lh.. :) So i just recycle the odd&ugly ones.. haha! xP n,n.. i have to edit it arh! The mb so big till blog reject it.. :(

Anyways, Dady go Sri Aman Liao.. :( hmm~ i want to follow to.. But oh well.. :|

Nothing much happen as today i don't go to school.. xP My blog so dull when i no go to school.. haha!

Where is SyLvester?? :( No message me!! I got problem here.. =.= GOD! :D
I guess he no credit.. huu~
I dono why i always go to him if i have any trouble.. Its like he understand me.. :))
I no need to tell him what i feel, he already tell me.. haha! xP
What a nice cousin.. ;)

O yeaahh~ Edits ;)


I realise, bLog make pictures ugLy.. haha! xP


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