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  'Go Hock Lee agen (:'
Posted at 2/20/2010 03:55:00 PM
Haha! Js nw we go Hock Lee agen c0s jeff wna play agen...
Waste another RM32.. haha! :D

B4 go Hock Lee, we go 2 mumy fren hous visiting.. (:
eheheheh~ bt d fud nt enuf... ): huhuhu! Last2 wen wan go bak bru gt fudd.. =.=
Gt dat dog Luk Lyk ah-mud.. :P cha2 boyfren.. haha!

Dis dog n0e hw 2 pose doe.. :D haha! no nid i force it, it ordy pose fer me.. haha!
Bt cha2 say, ah-mud btr.. :P
Here's ah-Mud... OMG! y d pict so small... N he luks less harrier.. haha! =P

Neways,, i saw IssabelLa ovr der leh.. (: I tink shes d owner of d hous reLative.. dno lh,, :P
Haha! I steal so mny hersheys.. ♥ so kaya dat owner serve Hersheys.. ! Hersheys 1 packet rm20+... tsk3~

Picts at Hock Lee ;)

Mumy & i race cars.. haha! i w0n evntho i sux.. =P

Haiz! Gt drama laz nyt.. ): huuuuhhhh~

Lemon! C my eye bag.. xP bcum panda loee! haha!


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