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  'Hock Lee Centre'
Posted at 2/19/2010 07:37:00 PM
Js nw go Hock Lee n play at d arcade der wid koko, eunice, fifi n jeff.. (:
ehehehehhe~ Den we go buy kuih Lapis 4 eunice..
Oh2, i spent RM30 2dae.. oL fer dat arcade thingy.. haha! RM10 kok chia lh.. :P
Neways,, i oso havta support fifi & jeff bh! :)

Picts ;)

My face luk so funny here.. =.=
+i was posing on d gun, actually a lil kid help me 2 play it.. haha! :D
I dno hu is dat kid.. he just sdnLy cum 2 us, n play wid us..
im guessing his d bos pnya ank.. mby?

+dat win-the-doll tink play cheat de! :@ hw can do Lyk dat? huuuu~
I put in token, bt d crane din move at oll.. SHILAKA!!?...

Bfore arriving at Hock Lee, i c dem MBKS so rjn do d Landskap.. :)
Den i tink2, its dem hu manage d Kuching Landskap.. ehehe~ so i tink2 agen..
We shud tenk dem 4 making Kuching a pretty pLace 2 Live in.. :)

+evrytym i Limpas a police car dat doesnt stop citizens fer not wearing seatbelt n stuff..
o if i limpas police station, xur i say, "Police!"... trus evrybody in d car pn trkjut.. :DD
haha! Pdahal is just nuttin.. :P

More picts! Taken in d car... :)

I discover Hock Lee carpark so ugLy.. =.= n disgusting Luking.. ewww~
d Lift mcm tmpt pmbuangan masyrakat n it Luks so scary man! haha! :P
Js nw gt 2 lift bka, d 1st one, luks lyk sumbody died in der.. cRiusLy.. :D
We go fer d 2nd one.. haha! (:

More picts taken after cumin bak frm town.. ;)

Ahaha! ;D Dat clip i found at d Jurassic Park pLace.. dno hus one.. :P bt it cutes doe.. :D


Edited picts.. ;)



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