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Posted at 2/01/2010 03:18:00 PM

I wonder y i hev 2 Patricks.. LOL..
Neways, bhyn it is CJ7, n sum stick Luph... :P
Its d stick Luph frm d orange n chocs me n cass frm ourseLf,,,
Haha! we desperate wan 2 eat chocs, we order frm d CNY thingy.. LOL

I tot dis mwnink was sumtink ungratefuL..

I reciv a msj frm Lemon in chinese,,,
I ask Ying transLate... bc0s she wans 2 go 2 sch..
so i jus her 2 concLude it in a few ayt...
It says, "Dat he hate me, n im jus sum1 hu n0 used 2 b msj ady"....

I fought wid Lemon, i tink he n0es im angry? haha!
Den sdnLy after i kuarkn mny ksr2 words,
SyLvester msj?... He say d msj is Lyk a Love chain msj..

It says,
Your Lips onLy alLowed 2 b kiss by me,
Your hand onLy alLowed 2 b hoLd by me,
Your shouLder onLy alLowed my head 2 Lie on,
Bcause ur mine..

Nw i tgh pjuk abng Lemon kta... :P ssh btuL.. haha!!
Cmua gra2 Ying.. :@

I telL him, "I whoLe dae din c him, pdhaL we sme cLs.. N dat i mish him"..

Happiness is Like a butterfLy,
If u follow it, it will eLudes you.
If u stay and pay attention to it,
it will sLowLy Land on your shouLders.

+Lemon read my bLog.. *shame*


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