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  'Im thinking of something odd now'
Posted at 2/23/2010 10:25:00 PM
I will try my very best to avoid misspelling and short cuts..
Mdm Flowrese say, short cuts means your a very bad kid.. haha!
Im not bad, im just super Lazy and short cuts seems kinda cooL.. haha! :D

Anyways, today nothing much lh.. heh~ Just that i give 10 sweets to 9 people..
The extra one is for me.. haha! If Tommy got come, sure i give him wan... (:
But he din't come.. Actually i forgot to bring an extra 2, for Syamsul and Joshua.. haha! xP
D extra 1, i gave it to SyamsuL but he refuse to receive it in front of the crowd..
Sweat drop.. =.=" Rodney, Keith, receive in front of the crowd, nothing happen to them leh..
haha! :P

Ermm... I wanna give one to you, but afraid of every consequences that may happen after that..

Its true what she said.. ): But lets deny it and see what happen.. hehe~ I like suprises.. :)

Anyways, something terrible happen just now.. :( no war please.. :( huhu!
Keith is really extra mad at Joshua just now.. Until he say, "NO" to me, makes my heart pum even faster.. Haiz! Its all a misunderstanding bh...

Just now i meet Vun Lim again.. haha! :P He give me my pants and those games.. I can't fit into those pants.. :S huhuhuhuhuhu!! EveLyn say i must fast2 get the items before Vun Lim wear my pants.. :D *imagine Vun Lim wear girL pants* OMG!

Anyways, yesterday, my library card AKA my school name tag was rejected by the computer.. Ass! xD haha! Last year, me and Vero got borrow a few books but late return.. I guess because i din't pay the awfully big amount of dues, i guess that's why my Library card is being rejected.. haha! :P

Then, after i go out from the library, i try to close the doors, but i can't seem to reach it from behind... So i turn around, and accidentally bang the door.. :D haha! Funny~ The door jam from inside.. :P haha! The librarians, tried so hard to open it.. When they manage through, they scold me in chinese.. :S I was like, "Like Lh i don't know how to speak chinese" to melvina.. :P

I like to tell everything to SyLvester.. :) haha! Even though he don't have experiences, but he can be pretty true sometimes about something.. :) ehehe~ That is what i tell Mdm Flowrese the other day.. :) Unexperiences ones can give better advises than the experiences.. :)

Oh yeahh, Speaking of syLvester,, Last night, i sleep at 10+, and woke up for no reason at 12..
I check my handphone for messages.. After i check, i try to sleep but can't.. Suddenly my phone make that text-message-coming tone.. LOL~ I check and its from SyLvester.. I message him till 12.20... :) Then i sleep back.. Around 2+, i woke-up again for no reason...
I was like, am i gonna do this every 2 hours? :S Then i check my phone, got one message from Vero.. hehe~ :) I message2 her.. :P
+She say that that that girl laugh my grandfather name.. MEGAWD! at least, i respect him.. not like you.. :|

Oh yeah again, the ex-stealing problem is up again.. I think ill just ignore it.. hehe~ :)

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