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  'Kadet Remaja'
Posted at 2/24/2010 03:23:00 PM
Ini lah dia lagu kadet remaja.. :P

Kadet remaja sekolah,
Menuju satu ikatan persaudaraan,
Bersatu menjulang keamanan negara,
Menjayakan ilmu, iman dan amal.

Marilah kita membina peribadi,
Membentuk insan yang kreatif,
Kearah kecemerlangan diri,
Sepanjang masa yang berterusan.

Remaja sambutlah cabaran,
Menjadi bangsa Malaysia,
Maju dan cemerlang,
Remaja berwawasan,
Jangan kita lupa kepada pencipta.

Remaja, hayati budaya,
Ilmu, iman dan amal,
Kekalkan di hati dan di jiwamu,
Wawasan kadet remaja sekolah.

Just now got kadet Remaja.. :) hehe~ I go in the room, immediately that "girl" make noise..
Ngegeh! :P Shes cheering as if i was a ceLebrity... xD
I know lh i famous.. haha! :P

I so dorp dead sleepy.. haha! xD Last night i sleep 1+... TT, imagine my sleep... :P
At school, i was so not hyper.. I was so serious, doing my own work.. xD
In conclusion, i need to sleep less in order to concertrate in school.. :P

Nothing much today.. hehe~ Just that Ckgu Quek say got PJ, but he din't come.. =.="
How nice.. haha! :P

O yeah! I become the commander of Kadet Remaja.. haha! :P I volunteer but people though teacher pick me.. :D +not fair this year.. ): huhu!

Oh2,, Chan ask me, whether i still with Tern or not?.. I answer, yeah.. :P haha! I don't know why i did that.. LOL~

And today, we open-ceremony(is this how you say it in english? dno.. :P whatever) in physics lab.. haha! Me, Jasmine, Cass, Li Kar, Ying Kian & Sie Siew comfirm that our table name is "Gossip Table".. Because we are girls, and we can't live without gossiping.. :P

Just now, Pat2 got problem leh.. ! :P Bout that Sam lh.. no other.. I don't know why Bridgette like that? But i kinda suspect her real self since that incident with Revon.. :P
I like know she LOVE to lie, when she tell me bout Revon.. hahaxx! Cause baby! She ain't know me any better yet.. :P WTH.... :D And she totally cause a havoc in Pat & Sam relationship.. What that girl.. =.=...

OLga also sad.. ): haiz! Pity that girll...


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