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Posted at 2/12/2010 11:09:00 PM
& When i reminise alL those simpLe memories we use to have together,
It feels like your never gone,
& When i sing all those songs that reminds me of you,
Of all the little things you do for me.
& all those hopes you gave me that went straight to my heart,
Wonder ever you remember them.
Listening to each words coming into my ears,
Wonder why it hurt so much.


All those DAMN songs that reminds me of the PASS~

1.Ruang Rindu-Letto
~It reminds me of when i was dating with my ex.. :P

2.The Best Damn Thing-AvriL Lavigne
~Those times when i get addicted to MYSPACE.. :P

3.Way I are-TimbaLand
~Those retro pink squares of my FRIENDSTER layout.. :P

4.Munajat Cinta-The Rock
~Those times when i become "ubat nyamuk" when Patricia dating.. :P

5.Terima Kasih Cinta-Afghan
~Donoe how this song came to b between me n TERN.. :P

6.Hey Ladies-Rossa
~I will remember of alL the times me n Vero use to spend together.. :P
(Mish doez daes)

7.OST High School MusicaL 3
~My beLoved long lost IPOD... :P

8.Saat Terakhir-ST12
~That EMO songs of me & Vero that we use to sing together.. :P

9.Over it-Katherine Mcphee
~That song, I dno y? But i will run to it whenever my heart is in pieces.. :P

~It reminded me of TERN at the starting of our Long GONE relationship.. :P

Go vun Lim hous js nw.. Me n Fifi.. =P
We wait outsyd Lyk dumbass arh! TT.. hahaha!
I koL his num, bt it turns out 2 b his mum.. ==
Den his mum giv me his num.. LOL~
FinalLy! :D My LUPH2 keychainss.. aahahah!
EveLyn say my jeans n fifi n jeff toys shortage bt arrive dis afternoon...
Soii.. :DD Nvm2.. mby i go her hous 2mrw..
Neways,, My KEYCHAINS n hair bends.. =P

N dat very particuLar KEYCHAIN.. It use 2 b 4 us.. BT we were LONG GONE..
N now it wilL rust in dust lyk us.. :DD
Dhaa!! =P

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