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  'Mickey (:'
Posted at 2/21/2010 01:24:00 PM

Dis mwnink go church Late agenn.. mish d offering part.. :P
N yeahh,, J-remiah sit bhyn me.. haha!
I teL Tern we & J-remiah gt jdoh.. :P haha! Tern mrh,, TiL nw din msj me... xP
(Nt crank o!)

Paster Mun Heng testimonize on his mission in North East India.. o.O...
i Learn so mny tribes in India.. haha! Gt Rhaba, Biharis n so on.. :P

Hrp2 cn 4llow dady go C-Aman on Fridae... (: ehehehe~
He go 2 do sumtink @ St Luke der.. =P +on Fridae is sch hoLidae... (: so hope2 cn go...

Dady owes do stuff at other sch xcept myn... ): huuu~

Picts ;)

Doez Hersheys i stoLe.. :D

I bought useLez stuff.. haha! xP

Giv koko sjaLh c0s dady dun wan.. =P

Mumy steaL... xD

Js nw i go Emmie shop.. haha! xD she sell me 2 watch fer RM10...
actually is RM20.. :P
She say smentara her rakan sekerja dun hev.. :P haha! Den she kmpLen dey owes cum Late..
Haaa! Nma shja gaji tggi.. Err~ Dh lh dey punch card pn, punch wen dey open shop n wen dey hvn arrive.. errr~ Jaat toL! Kcian emmie... ):

Den i c AbduL Rahman @ Shell working.. hahaha! :DD


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