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  'PerCy RoCks!'
Posted at 2/18/2010 11:32:00 PM

Just cum bak frm MBO, watching PERCY JACKSON THE LIGHTNING THIEF..


Picts, ;)

WelL,, i got d picts 2 upLod in a diff direction.. haha! picts are trbLk.. (:
Neways, d Last is d first, wyL d first is d Last.. haha!

ActualLy ystrdy was supoz 2 b movie nyt 4 us, bt dat MBO fnys ticket.. :(
GLa! Wen we oL get rdy, sdnLy Eunice msj koko say no moe seat.. Haiz!
Haha! :P Sia2 we get rdy our brng sLudupn.. :P

Neways,, I wanted 2 watch VaLentine Days.. ): bt Eunice n Koko c ady.. huu~
Gna buy d DVD so0n.. haha! ;) & mby i buy Percy 2.. hee.. Get addicted watching it.. LOL..

Jake AbeL.. His HAWT man! ;) Haha! His a guy in Percy Jackson..
Bt 2 bad his eviL.. haha!

Nuttin happen LateLy, i just b guai2 n sit in front of tv, heLp mumy 2 watch it..
LOLss~ I've been bzy watching dramas if im nt on9.. :)

Haha! Dat dae cum bak frm Smarahn mumy 4got 2 bring down d spo0ns..
Gah! we ended up wid 3 spo0ns during dinner.. =P

Js nw i created Twitter agen.. haha! (: N get so addicted 2 it, tiL i tak pndng fcebuk Liao..
I tried registring twitter using my normal email, bt cant..
s0 i just use my gmail one.. huu~
+SyLvester say dat pndng at fcebuk oni is so borink, so i dun wan 2 b sumbody borink.. haha! :P
Den i oso make TumbLr.. haha! I c der, TumbLr promo itseLf by making other websites feeL bad.. :P
It says, Fcebuk r 4 kids, & Twitter is so 2006.. haha!
Bt i c dat TumbLr mozLy is teenagers bh.. (: watever lh! Nw im addicted 2 Twitter & TumbLr.. curses.. ! :D


Beybie pictures, guez wich is wich.. & hu m i? =P

My bLog is fuL wif pictures.. Bak kta pepatah,"Pictures spelL a thousand words"..


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