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Posted at 2/25/2010 09:43:00 PM
See! Always happen want.. TT, when i finally give up, you come back and give me hope you are still there.. Grrr, either im weak, or you need a hobby.. =|

Today, nothing much happen lh.. :) Just that tomorrow is a school holiday! Yay! Go pubLic holiday.. xP But mumy got dinner tomorrow, she don't trust us in Sri Aman there with all dady of dady money.. i guess? :( she no fun sometimes.. xP haha! i tell her that, going to a dance dinner is repentance.. :D +Its like, arriving, gossiping, eating then more gossiping.. :P Its typical.. haha! She just laugh with dady when hear me say like dat..

Anyways, i sucks! I sucks at the "pemilihan pembahasan" thingy.. TT.. Comfirm i won't get chosen de.. :( Huh! I was doing my own script, without even jotting it down.. huh! i was like, er! er!... TT even Melvina do better than me.. ;(

Push the sad part away and move in the odd part.. :P For the first time, Valentine & Syamsul-Bear meet.. xP But to bad Valentine already got boyfriend.. well, more of a crush lh.. :P Valentine had a crush on Harry's keychain.. haha! :D I think she needs a specs.. But as we all know, Love isn't Loving their faces but their hearts.. :)

VaLentine.. :)


Who more cute? :P

Oh2,, i thank Harry for sitting behind me.. haha! :DD Keith and i were pursuing him to sit there so Joshua will have to force to sit beside Chun Hua... :P So bad ar us! :D


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