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Priscilla Tawie
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  'This is how it feels....'
Posted at 2/05/2010 09:56:00 PM
puddle Pictures, Images and Photos

I wonder y i no fall ill bc0s of d rain js nw..
My umbrella Left n cLs, n me n MeL waLk out 2 Kedai Apek widout umbrella..

emo Pictures, Images and Photos

I wan bLog, bt dno wad 2 bLog bout...
I now noe im nt EMO.. c0s im 2 hepi n i Luph 2 Lauf...
I dno y? Laufing just seems so easy 2 me..
Whenevr im sad, i just fyn frens, n dey just makes me Lauf..
Evn tho dey dun make any jokess.. Weird huh?..
EspecialLy wen wid Cassandra.. haha!

Bt i dun taLk much in cLs.. No teacher evr compLain bout me dis year...
Dis is so odd.. haha! i feeL threaten!..
Neways, i use to spend my whoLe cLs tym taLking..
Dun care d teacher o wad?.. Bt dis year, i bareLy taLk.. TaLk oso bout nonsense..
haha! Nw i sing most of the time.. Wich annoy Cassandra evn moe..

Haha! I tink i beLieve in Fairy TaLes?.. LOL, Lyk smaL kid..
Mby evn smaL kid dun beLief in CindrelLa..
Bt i beLief one dae, prince charming wiL cum.. haha!

emo Pictures, Images and Photos

Mby im in Luph?..
Bt i tink, evn dis Luph wiL end up sum wer in the pass..
Soee 2 sayy.. Bt its just Lyk dat..
I hope mby not? c0s i dun wan 2 break another guy heart..
LOL,, Im a mean gurL hu breaks sum guy heart..

Bt i n0e, he makes me hepi =)

ActualLy, evry1 makes me hepi.. Js dat, i dno hw 2 appreciate..
Well, i guess its hard to satisfy me..

Justin Pictures, Images and Photos

Dis is dat gurL whom evry1 Luph... Well, mby nt evry1.. LOL..
He is Justin Bieber.. I hav his song in my phone, bt i bareLy Listen 2 it..
I just kip it, c0s my sis Lyk 2 hear it..
His realLy2 young, s0 i guys American young2 boys singging wiL sound Lyk a gurL..
LOL, bt his voice is so HAWT.. ^^
Dno y im bLogging bout him.. ahahahaha!

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you're adorable Pictures, Images and Photos
Cute Quotes Pictures, Images and Photos


retro Pictures, Images and Photos
retro fashion Pictures, Images and Photos

Retro Fashion Pictures, Images and Photos

Sumhow, i LUPH vintage retro.. haha!

Last bt nt Least,, ;)

107 Pictures, Images and Photos

He say he wan b my VLentine.. I wonder wad happen dis vLentine..
I hope it wiL b better den Last year.. LOL,

Lovely Pictures, Images and Photos

And thats the Last picture if todae..
I just hope, we were meant to be.. Evn tho, we're nt 2gether..
Bt ppL see us as an item.. LOL,
I just dun wan tinks to cum bak agen..
N nw i try so hard not 2 get hurt o make hurt..

If we're meant to be, then i just found my Prince Charming..
But if we're not meant to be, i shud just kiss another frog..

All i n0e is,, Its Fridae so......

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weeeeeeeeeeeee!cute Pictures, Images and Photos

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