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Posted at 2/22/2010 06:31:00 PM
Js cum bak frm sch arhh.... Gt PUM.. huuu~
Nw updating real fast c0s dady wna brink away d Laptop 2 work.. hrrmmm~

Brief update... TT

Js nw in engLish lesson ckgu Flowrese say dat ppl hu use short-forms eng are uzeLess..
Den dem Tommy n Keith point at me...
Grrr,, 2mrw Lh i start 2 nt use short form engs... hahaxx!

Durink BM, ckgu ZaxkLyn ask 2 fyn kumplan 4 sastera.. i c SyLvester gt sastera book, i quickLy choose him.. ezier bh.. (: hehehehe~ Olga say me crank.. :DD

Den tym bio, Miss Chan say dat brown hair supoz 2 b fairer... bc0z my amino acids mLs wna do more meLatin...
Den i say i owes kna sun burn.. haha! xD

Den Max wna pLng c0s dno wad happen.. Den teacher ask hu make Max pth hati?
Keith, Tommy say me.. ): Teacher ask me i tlak Max VaLentine kh?
I bwt mka bLur.. haha! n say, "Wad Priscilla do?"...


I go pusat akses open fcebuk js nw,, so im nt wryying bout fcebuk nw.. haha!

Wen PUM fnys, teacher ask 2 fyn pyapu... so i go 2 3 kuning n mnta... D ssi ptng ppl oL cheer.. =.= sweat~ hahaha! MaLu...~

O yh2,, ckgu jessing say in 3 Biru Last year, oni 2 ppl get A fer sej... me n Eugene.. haha! (:
Bngga2.. xDxD I tel dady, dady say my cLs so bad.. >.>

O yeah.... i join bahas.. (:

Dis mwnink dady go C Aman,, Najib ovr der.. heh~ ): wrong date 2 cum Lh uncLe Najib...

*pris cry c bLog post so short pdahal so mny tink hppen*


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