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  'U make me so HAWT' :P
Posted at 2/11/2010 01:46:00 PM
Last nyt, I make d JourNaLism cLub ad.. :)
2 oL Gapor! Watch out of it at d GAPOR WATCH board aite...
itupn, if ordy pin up..
Here's d pretty simpLe rsuLt.. ;)

Ngahahaha! Vice President.. :D Neways, i did dis wid d heLp of dady...
As owes, he heLps me wid my engLish.. :P
He chnge a LiL oni.. meaning my engLish in der was great... :)

Join JournaLism cLub aite.. ;)

O yeaa... Kn ystrdy is SymsuL bdae.. n i got giv him Ltr...
i to0k pict of d Ltr 2 c0s i was 2 bored.. :D


Hws sch? hmmmm.... ~

Maths? ok Leh... Js i dun get it y im btr in Add Maths den in maths.. haih!
:P sma sja Leh.... i Luph chpter 1 Add Maths =)
+if i at sch do Add Maths, oL correct... Go home do Add Maths in txt book wan, oL wrong..
Its Lyk wad she teach doenst reLate 2 any of d tinks in d txt book..
Mby i tink c0s dat teacher teach out of d sylLabus! huuhh~

Tym sejarah pLak,, d teacher owes sLh taLk... n eja words.. :P
so i say 2 teacher, "Ckgu! Ckgu jtuh cinta kh? Mntng2 dh nk vLentine"... :D
Den bLa3... Teacher taLk bout dat grakn vLentine?... LOL~
Den i ask him, wad is dat? He say he so maLu wan teL.. :P ahaha!
Last2 he say dat grakn vLentine is d gurL has 2 nt wear underwear 4 d boyfren?
HelL! :DD

Den tym rhat, pat teL me dat she gdh wid.... haiyh! mLa jk gdh...
dat gurL owes wn cri gdh.. i wan aman dis year bo! :( Im xur pat hope i msk cmpur bcum sum1 inqusitive... LOL~
D word inqusitive, is a new word 4 me... :P dady wryt in dat apLicant thingy in dat JournaLism cLub condition in d cLub Leh...
I curious, so i fyn in d dictionary.. It means bzybody.. :P awwhh~~
Neways, bLk 2 Pat de cita.. She say Sam father died?.. i tot is Dby father...
Geh! PtutLh she tak bLs me, wen i ask her y her father died?
upayh is Sam father die.. :DD Pat say she wan 2 cry? waaa~ She riLi syng her father mertua, evn tho nt yt meet... :PP I riLi nid 2 act up!.. i sound so bLur n Lyk dun care bout her wen she say she sked Sam chnge... True bh,, i c deirs no reason y he shud chnge?... :P

Tym engLish, we had great tym... =) I memorize dat "He had quiet Eyes" poem.. :P

He had such quiet eyes,
She din reaLise,
There were two pooLs of Lies,
Layered wif thinnest eyes,
ImpLoring her to be nyc,
And to render him paradise.

If onLy she been wise,
sumtink pLeasure-seeking guys,
Grr,, i 4get... =P

Bt i just rmbr dat d Last words r "Though you may Lose yer heart once o Twice"..
Teacher ask d victim hu kna bca it 2 choose ppL 2 smbng n bca whoLe stanza.. :P
Dh Lh its Lyk hang-man! :P Husna koL me.... i read2, omos 4get d words..
Den wen fnys ady, teacher ask me 2 koL a boy... i koL Sie Tak.. :DD
Evry1 force me de.. dno y? :P

Tym add maths, Last priod, raining woo! TT, din brink umbrelLa c0s 4get dat i took em out Ystrdy.. :(( Grrrr.... ystrdy hjan my shoe bsh n htm mcm apa! :@
Bt mumy yg baek hati itu, tLng cci.. :P Nsb smpt dry... itupn dry under aircon smaLmn..
ahahahahaha!! Js nw my shoes wan 2 b dirty... Wen i c mud ckit, i trus kuarkn dat green tea wet tissue, 2 wipe my shoes.. :D

Im so HURT... :( Dno y? Mby 1 of my pra-sngka bruk agen.. huu~

Andai kata kamu bisa melihat dalam hati ku,
Betapa sakitnya dada ini,
Andai kata km tahu keadaan ku,
Mungkin semua ini takkan berLaku..
Cemburu nya aku, dendam nya aku,
Semua ku tikam pada mu..
Aku ini, mudah jatuh cinta,
dan aku ini,
mudah menbenci..
Sejauh mana bencinta ku padamu,
Aku tetap akan senyum melihat dunia ini,
Kerana aku diLatih untuk begini,
Aku takkan kaLah kerana aku perempuan!
Mungkin bagi kamu, akuLh perempuan jahanam..
ituLh kerana aku senyum,
dan aku menjawab terbaLik akan soaLan mu..

O yeaa2... I say a word, n cassandra fnys a poem fer me.. :DD

i Like to chalLenge myseLf to death,
N to cry myseLf to sLeep.
I make no sense at time,
Let me ask, Is that such a crime?

Yeaaa! I got dat guts.. :PP

No needs, needed. No QuaLification, QuaLified. Thats why i love 2 Love...

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