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  'VaLentine omos here'
Posted at 2/12/2010 01:29:00 PM

2 more DAYS fer VALENTINE :)

Durink chemist js nw, i pLay wid Cassandra stappLer...
Den sdng syok2 i pLay wyL Listening 2 d teacher, I trtekan d stappLer.. ouu~ ;(
BLood cum out Lyk wad.. =P Nsb tak cRius.. huuu~
Chemist teacher riLi nyc tho,, she sggp ask me 2 wipe on her handkerchief.. I refuse.. :P
Dun wan 2 stain.. :) Den i was shaking Lyk wad? Aduh! == Its so painfuL.. ;(
wLpn after d bLood no more.. i guess, d bLood cLog insyd der? :P o mby red bLood CelL burst... Hu n0es.. xDxD

Before physics, i wan go 2 SyamsuL pLace.. Den Sie Tak bLock me... :P
Here's our LiL conversation.. :DD

Sie Tak:PriscilLa! Wen u wan brink me out 4 Lunch?
PriscilLa:Y i brink u out 4 Lunch? Nt romantik.. :P Is u brink me out 4 Lunch..
Sie Tak:OkLh2.. :) I brink u...
PriscilLa:Eyhh.. Dun wan.. :PP ahahaha!!

Tak jdi wan go SyamsuL pLace.. ahahaha! Cass say i steaL her boyfren.. =P
Demi km sy Lupakn dia... :DD

Neways,, after recess Ckgu Flowrese ask me 2 take picts of pengetua bdae.. :DD
ahahahaha!! Keith n geng sing song 4 her.. :) N d pLjr2 frm bLock B,C,D oL sing hepi bdae 2 her.. weL onLi bLock D sang it welL.. :PP Den gt hear BOO~ sound.. LOL :D

Den i run here n der insyd d bLk gru.. :P ehehehe~
I wan fyn d keys 2 open d Gapor Watch board bh... Aheryh after much tyms spend, me n OLga mnage 2 fyn d key, open it n close it.. cLose n open riLi took so much tym.. :PP
Oh2, i din get dat key...!! :(( siaL.... Sia2 i open2 d board.. upayh d real key stiL in Ckgu Flowrese drawer.. :((

Oh2, i had FUN durink engLish Lesson... :))
Mdm Flowrese din teach, insted she ask us 2 sing songs.. :P Her reaL pLan was 2 ask us 2 memorize d song Lyrics.. ahahaha!!
Last2 b4 go bak we sing I just calLed 2 say i Love you-Stevie Wonder..
=P Alpha students c, c Lyk wad.. ahahaha!
N i was thinking, Rugi Lemon dun hev,, ahahaha! :DD

I just called to say I love you
I just called to say how much I care, I do
I just called to say I love you
And I mean it from the bottom of my heart

Ckgu Flowrese say its a riLi gud VaLentine song.. :)) yeahh!!~
Ill b LonLy truout vaLentine.. ahahahaha!! so FUN.... Geh!

Den go bak got spotchek.. >.< Cum oso got arh! =P By teachers sum more..
Mcm dey dun trust prefects.. :DD
i was Lyk, Nsb din brink phone.. ahaha!!
Neways, wen go bak, after i kna spotchek, ckgu Flowrese ask me 2 go up bak 2 heLp CharLston wid his phone =P Kcian he.. :DD Ckgu Flowrese ask me 2 put his phone in the Laptop bag wich i brought up.. ;)

Den b4 chemist, tym ckgu Vincent sit in 4 Ckgu law 4 a wyL...
I draw2 a Love.. =P Den i ask ppL 2 sign.. ahaha!! :))


Hepi VaLentine & A Merry Chinese New Year ppL :)


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