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Posted at 2/14/2010 09:09:00 PM
Hepi VaLentine & Merry ChiNese New Year pe0pLe!

My vaLentine nyt started Lyk 7.30+... =)

It started wif famiLy dinner at KFC, Tabuan Jaya.. ehehe~ :)

Dis is a riLi kewL pict of me drinking.. :P

Evry1 fnys eat, dey stiL eat.. :DD

We gt bak Lyk omos 9... N i took my bath.. After bath, camwhore 4 wyL..

ActualLy mny2 picts, bt i havta fiLter n dLit it c0s its Lyk d sme pict oni diff angLe.. =P

After camwhoring, ironingg... :))

Random ;)

After dat, i watch The Tuxedo tiL 12am.. :)) A riLi funny movie.. haha!

Dis year, b4 12am ady gt FireWorks.. :) Mmg trLampau CNY spirit Lh.. :PP

Doez FireWorks.. ;) Sme oso mny picts, bt HELL 2 MUCH.. :DD

SuLphur Dioxide.. Tsk3.. 2 much.. :PP ahahahaha!!
Neways,, dis is hw i enjoyed it.. =)

+I din msj durink sum priods c0s 2 Lazy.. haaa~ :)

After i got BORED of watching, i went into d house, n Lie down..... N cry.. :P
haha! Den i msj Vero...:) She gt me a present! :D
Haha! ;) I giv her dis Lh.. :P
Ahahaha! ;) (Taken at sum Lawyer hous)

My vaLentine/CNY dae pLak,, :P ActualLy woke-up @ 6am+ c0s d thunder so LOUD n scary.. =X
Bt den i sLp bak doe.. haha! SLpy2.. =P SLp tiL 8+... Den i woke up @ 9+...
I dreamt sumtink dat has got 2 do wif maths.. LAME.. == Den i oso dream i caj my phone.. :P
Wen i wake up i was dissapointed 2 c my bat Left 37%.. haha! :DD
So after wake-up i din eat ,my breakfast.. c0s deir wasnt any.. :P ahaha! well afterall, i pLan 2 visit wif an empty stomach.. haha! After much hesitation & Laziness, i finalLy bath at 10+.. :P After my dad say angpaus wiL b given after we bath.. :D ahaha! Wad a CNY spirit i got.. :P
I got RM30 frm mumy.. :D haha! After i bath fnys, i watch CJ7... :) ehehehehe!
Cho Kiut.. =P ahaha!! Den wen CJ7 fnys, i watch Rada3.. CHOWDER!! =P ahahahaha!!

i n0e, im Lyk a Lil 2 oLd 2 watch cartoons, bt dis one is diff.. =P hahaha!!
its 1 of my feveret cartoons.. LOL~
Den omos 1, my CNY adventure begins.. :P
It begins wif..............
Me wearing my new sandaLs.. :DD ahaha! U cant go on an adventure wid ur barefoot.. :P

We went 2 4 hous.. :) ehehe! N collected mny $$ :DD alL i do durink doez adventures are,,,

@ d last hous, i ady feeL Lyk throwing up.. Evn wen lauf my stomach hurts.. TT,
so i just drink sum juice.. =P
+I manage 2 take a nap-pose @ Ah King EE hous Leh... =D
Gah! zzzz.. :P

ALtogether i got RM124.. nt much.. TT, koko no go visting oso gt RM150 frm my EE.. :PP
+@ d 1st hous, i met JuLan.. LOL.. n,n.. D Missus oni giv me n Fifi angpau.. N jeff dun hev c0s he sit other pLace.. :P Den he suLk Lyk wad.. :DD DUMBAzz.. Lucky d Mizter ask, otherwise, he be suLking oL dae Long.. :PP cRiusLy~
Hahaha!! Neways,, I took sum picts @ d 2nd hous n 4th hous.. LOL~

2nd Hous Picts ;)


N d 4th hous picts ;)

Curi2 chek d angpau.. n found out my EE giv... =P
chek out by urseLf..haxx!

Vincent.. =P I tink he n0es, i candid him.. Dats y his smilLing.. :DD
He Luks so thin doe.. :P
Wen cha2 teL me dat he hoLd a handbag, she ask me 2 take a pict of him.. LOL
=P ahahaha!!


That Grandfather cLock i took at d Lawyer hous.. =P


Those pictures spoke a thousand word.. ;)

Dhaaaa! =P

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