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  'What Teen Guys Really Think About Sex'
Posted at 2/19/2010 12:44:00 PM

Seventeen and the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy partnered on a survey of 1,200 15-22-year-old boys by TRU, asking them questions about what they want from their relationships, and how they think and feel when it comes to sex and hooking up. The major findings: Teen boys are not the sex-crazed, confident guys we see on TV and in the movies; in fact, they want girls to speak up when it comes to making important decisions about sex.

Teen boys aren’t all sex-crazed players.
In fact, most say they’re looking for love and relationships over casual hookups:
66% say that they, personally, could be happy in a sex-free relationship
54% would rather give up sex for a month than give up the Internet for a month
75% would choose to wait to lose their virginity to someone they love than to lose their virginity as soon as possible

Guys admit that they’re pretty confused about sex—physically and emotionally.
There’s a huge need for accurate information and more communication:
70% are confused about what a girl expects from them after sex
63% are confused about what’s pleasurable for a girl
42% didn’t know that a girl can get pregnant during her period
34% didn’t know that two condoms at the same time is not more effective than just wearing one

Guys are under tremendous pressure to have sex.
They’re walking the line between what they want, and what they feel like is expected of them:
78% say there is way too much pressure from society to have sex
21% have been pressured by a girl to go further sexually than they wanted to
60% admit they’ve lied about something related to sex, like how far they’ve gone or their number of sexual partners (often to appear cooler or more experienced)

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