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Posted at 3/01/2010 07:55:00 PM
Ku sik kesah pn kw mati kh sik? :|

Last night is Cap Goh Mei? Correct kh the spelling i also don't care.. ;)
The same way i feLt bout u.. Grr,,

Anyways, here is 1 picture chacha took of me when i was enjoying my dinner.. :P
The chicken head.. xDxD

Today in school, not much happen.. :S School is getting boring-ier.. xD
During engLish, Mdm Flowrese spent her time talking about the poem, "The midst of hardship".. LOL~ Before her lesson, i told Cass, "We've been learning the same poem for 3 weeks already"... Check2, we change poem already.. ;P

Then she ask a few people to act in front.. :) haha!
Then she told us our assigment for the novel.. :P Acting~ again.. huuu~
Me, Cass, Joshua & Desmond..
Desmond is my husband.. sweat drop~ want to tell Jacky later.. xP Biar perang adik beradik.. hhaha! >;D Anyways, cass & Joshua is our children.. swt2.. :P

Just now, got PUM~ So on, so on~ we lose money!.. rM22.80.. :O what a big amount.. TT
Potong gaji... :(( I also don't know what happen bh! But i think, i think lh~ Amar count wrongly.. :S or maybe somebody else.. huuu~ Caka da jk!
+I wait for people to pick me up at 4.30pm... I wait at the usual bus stop.. So many think happen i see.. haha! :P Hmm,, then wait, wait... sudenly that black car park at the house there, masyaalaaa! I cannot see that other side of the road.. =.= So i have to stand up..
I guess, its the Longest time i've stand... for 1 almost 2 hours... :'(

When i come back, i check my phone.. Sudenly Jacky call.. TT,, *cries*
we talk for a while.. He say that his having an exam.. i congrate him,, don't know why.. xP
Then i say, "I hope you faiL!"... :DD haha! Then he ask for my picture.. I say, i don't usually take picture cause im shy.. :P hahaha! hahaha! What a Lie!.. :P White Lie bh~ Nothing wrong with it.. :D Then i say, i send Vero pict lh.. haha! :P hahaha!
Last-Last i send my ex-boyfriend pict.. ;D Lee Hyuk Jun ♥

OMG! so hawt.... :))

I receive a letter from Lemon just now.. *jump up & down*.... xP haha!
awhhhhhhh~ so HAPPY! ;D
I repLy his letter during sejarah period... The teacher is extra hot temper today.. :P
Because we all talk-back to him.. LOL~
I toLd him, "We're not taking-back, we're explaining what you think is wrong"...
hahaha! :DD
Anyways, he tore up the letter when Cassandra was writting on it.. :S
Then the whole period, he was like, insuLting her bout it.. :DD
Haha! Sorry Lemon, *look down*leg drawing circles on the ground*.. I know you ask me not to reply during class.. But i have that urge to reply.. :(

Speaking of insuLting... Just now, Ckgu ZaxkLyn insuLt me & my ambition.. =.=
She say im fit to become a reporter as i love to gossip! LOL~
Then she tell me, Cikgu Vincent already have girlfriend.. I was like, "Sabar cikgu, sabar.. Sy paham apa yang cikgu rasa".. She was like, "No lh!"... I answer,"Saya twu cikgu mo kwen dia bLa ckgu umur 27".. She say she only wanna marry money.. xP
Then i tell her, i know when she was my age, she use to talk about boys.. :P She sweared, that she was a good kid.. LOL~

Dhaaa~ :)

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