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  'ApaLh cinta"
Posted at 3/10/2010 02:13:00 PM

I saw this graphics at Srawakians blog~ and thought it was kinda cute and true :P

Nasihat untok orang pompuan;
Jangan alu pikey pelek-pelek mun gerek sik malas sms or sik angkat kol or lambat sms or lambat angkat kol. Think Positif!

Nasihat untok orang lelaki;
Dah tauk dirik ya ada gerek, polah cam ada gerek, berik perhatian ngan gerek ya. Jangan sentiasa gago hal kedirik jak.

They even end it with an advice :) I still remember me and Tern like that lh Last time. ;D

Anyways, my morning started early today.. :) Haha! Early morning already have things happen...
Syamsul message me and say that Cikgu Edgar say bad things about me during assembly afternoon session yesterday.. :S

Then the whole day, I was so curious with that thing.. Ish! =.="
Last2, adk meL tell me that Cikgu Edgar din't talk anything bad, just that he say that my comment was the only comment that he felt impress with.. Then it follows with a, "Kalau ada yang buat macam ini lagi, saya akan report polis"...
ahaha! :P Misconcept~

Anyways, today physics test was so SHIT arh~ :@ hahaha! :P
English was easy.. I like english and BM form 4 :) Its so easy.. haha!


This morning i woke-up feeling like SHIT~ TT maybe i know cause today have Physics test :P

+Theirs a question in chemistry yesterday...
It goess......

Define scientific method:
A method that has been use in science.


+I have no confidence in physics and add maths.. And maybe for maths and bio too!
But im still gonna smile =)

Oh2, Me and Sie Tak couple in that drama, "He had such quiet eyes"..
=P haha! Wish it was LEMON.. :S
Anyways, OLga say we will act at Taman Sahabat! :P Yeee~


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