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Posted at 3/12/2010 07:09:00 PM
Today was awh-sum :))

I arrive at Friendship Park a Lil to early.. The 2nd to arrive is Syamsul..
I call teacher to tell her that i've arrive.. Thus ruin Syamsul plan to take me for ice cream :P
So when the teacher arrive, we sat at a Gazebo waiting for the rest..
The next to arrive is Radin and Asyikin.. :) Then is Sie Tak and Charlston.. Then Soon and everybody.. =P Or was it Soon first? Ah.. Whatever lh.. :)

When Mdm Flowrese talk about the script, and she ask me to practice.. I laugh while talking.. TT
Then -she(not teacher)- said, "Why don't ask her to do teacher?"...
I was like, feel so like... emmm.. Piss-off? :( Ish! Huh! =.="

Then Mdm Flowrese leave the place to wash her hair xP hahahaha! She left us for an hour.. :)
We did everything.. :) The hero and heroin so fit.. Both don't know how to act.. ehh!! :D
Hahhaa!! :) We both always laugh during a scene and always forgets..
Till that girl come out with her suggestion again.. =.="

During the scene where i bash Sie Tak up, when Syamsul push me down.. He really push me down.. My palm red-red after that.. :( And it hurt.. huuu~ Lucky no blood or skin-peeling off or else i'll be really mad SYAMSUL!! ;D

After everything, we cam-whore for a while.. :)) I manage to take a few picts.. By few, i mean really few.. =P

Picts ;)


After that, Mdm Flowrese leave me, Radin, Asyikin, Sie Tak and Charlston alone with RM50 while she sent Keith, Soon, Syamsul, Jeremy and Kelly to Hijau :)

What a big mistake for those two girls to tag along.. haha! :P Suffer me, Sie Tak and Charlston..
Not only get ugly ice cream but also expensive and yeaaa~ We also malu! :((
The plan was to go to Yong-Su.. But we were so hot, and sweaty so i decide to go to Desert Paradise.. Cause got aircon.. She thought the food at Yong-Su is cheap but actually not.. haha!

When we finally settle down at Yong-Su, Mdm Flowrese come.. =)
I order Vanilla-Plate-bBogoile?.. Something like that lh.. xP hahaha! I thought it come together with an actual plate.. but actually its a plate-waffle.. =.=" haha! :P The waiter AKA boss of the shop attend to us.. :) He talk english so odd.. Maybe cause his from Korea.. Radin so bad, she laugh and say that she don't understand him.. Pity~~ :P

Picts ;)

CharLston and Sie Tak dating ^^

Mdm Flowrese ice-cream :)

Mine! :))

Mdm Flowrese pose so nice ^^

The ice cream some how made us thirsty so we have a drink at the next door stall.. :P haha!
I think the girl wrong give money cause the coconut drink was RM2.. and their is 3 of us drinking it.. :P never mind lh.. haha!

We talk and gossip about a lot of things together.. :))

Then when we drink finish, Mdm Flowrese tumpang us go home.... ^^
But i go to ChaCha school.. :) ehehehe~

Mdm Flowrese told us that Keith never drink coffee or tea before.. I was like OMG! :D

We talk so many stuff.. =)

I love this pict of Syamsul :)

And this is so interesting :P


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