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Posted at 3/03/2010 07:36:00 PM
Define the actual reason of Life :)

Me:Maa~ If dady no pick me later, tell koko pick me at 1.20 :)
Mumy:Harh?!.. Why your teacher so stupid?!
Me:Don't know, You ask that stupid teacher lh.. :P

Even mumy object "Luar Sidang"... haha! ;D

Just now my devil horns come out.. :P
I don't know why, BUT i love to ejek Cikgu Vincent & Cikgu ZaxkLyn~ :P

Cass:Heyy! Its cikgu Ling compatible partner..
Pris:eyh! yLh~
*look at Cikgu Vincent*
Cass:And theirs cikgu Vincent... :P
*walk nearer to Cikgu Vincent*
Pris:Eee~ Boyfriend Cikgu ZaxkLyn... =D
Cikgu Vincent:*shock*
Pris:Takdalah2, boyfriend cikgu Patricia :)
Guard:Berani awk hoe!
Pris:haha! *put two hands over head*.. Tanduk kuar... >;D


Huh~ I so small hearted :( Nobody give me a chance to show my credibility.. :'(
Its okay~ Its okay~

Just now, me and Cassandra have less topic.. :( Laugh also less... TT~
The only time i Laugh out Loud is when, add maths teacher say the answer is 2...
Then i scream that i correct.. :P haha! Then i laugh2, cause Harry and Desmond say the answer is -16.. But actually is 2.. LOL~

Then, i realise.. That, my answer comes out to 1/2... :( Embarasss~ TT
Especially with Harry.. haha! ;D

Anyways, i ignore that guy till now.. I realise sooner or later i still have to answer his phone call.. TT and that soon is just now.. hff~
Haha! :)

Test is next week... TT then is holiday! :D yay! =)

The art of Love~


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