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Posted at 3/04/2010 03:39:00 PM
My first time going to the.............. :) Haha! At least nothing bad happen... :P
They just need my help.. :D

I fought so hard for Desmond Brain.. haha! ;D People say i like Desmond.. WTH~ No way lh! :P See~ Anything that involves brain-working, he is the first person i go to! :)
ehehehhe~ Tidak heran lh kaLau saya mau dekat2 dengan dia time Maths, Add Maths and BioLogy.. :P hahaha! Exploitation.. :P Even Miss Chan know the reason why i always choose Desmond.. She even warn me not to bully him.. ;D
But sometimes i feel awkward looking at him.. LOL~

Anyways, the maxis people give dady hamper.. ;) Yay! Junk food :)

Most food are from cosway... The expensive oness~ :D

Just now, i set-up a plan for Sylvester & Chelsea.. LOL~ hahaha! ;)
They make me embarass cause my plan din't work.. :( They were suppose to look at each other and say it... TT~ Anyways, in class i tell SyL, "I am so dissapointed in you".. :P
ahahhaah! :) Next plan, i make sure it doenst spoil...!

What again want say??... :( nothing~
Oh wait! Today so peacefuL :) He din't miskol, miskol.. neither message.. yay!
Let's pray it stays... :)


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