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Priscilla Tawie
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Part time day dreamer.

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  'Don't need this other pretty faces like i need you'
Posted at 3/16/2010 01:47:00 PM

This picture.. xP Not kissmark k~ haha! :D I draw it yesterday.. =) Was bored.. :P
Not going to upload it on facebook though.. Dady question about it later.. :S
haha! Its quite nice.. TT

This morning wake-up early to go for a jog at the nearby park.. When dady open the gate, WALAH! rain-rain.. :P haha!
So we go out to eat breakfast only lh.. hehe~ :)) That Char-Kueh Lady always forget that i'm in form 4.. She keep on asking me what did i get for SPM or i'm still working.. Something like that lh.. :P haha!

Picts ;)

Still wanna bLog even though nothing to blog on.. TT

I don't know what to do on that empty black space.. So i just decorate it vintage-ly.. :P
haha! So wrong this picture.. :D How can EMO+VINTAGE ?? Not cun leh~
ehehehehehe =) whatever lh... I also din't notice that the background is vintage till i save it..


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