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  'For Syamsul'
Posted at 3/20/2010 09:49:00 PM

I din't really quite wrote about Syamsul, but i think i should cause he made my day.. :)
I feel guilty cause i forgot to write about Syamsul..
He accompany me since in Olga house.. From Olga house till the end of my day...
During our walk to the bus stop, we talk a lot, and even took a picture of a mushroom.. haha!
xD He tells me about his pet bird who died cause he step on it.. :P

Arrived at the Spring, we actually dissapear together because he insisted on buying me a cup of Starbucks latte... But i felt bad for Olga.. so we went back.. and Olga was so mad :D

In the cinema also, he sat with me.. :)) haha! So grateful to have a friend like him..
During the show, i felt really cold, he sense it even though i say no... He comfort me with his jacket... But i refuse.. :P haha!

After movie, he bought me a drink of Vanilla Latte at Big Donut.. :)) ehehehe~ yay!
But its bitter.. xP Don't know either we din't put sugar or Latte are suppose to be bitter(as said in drama Down With Love)... Tenkss :)) I know how much you wanted to buy me starbucks, but big apple coffee are much more cheaper ^^

Last but not least,,
Thanks Syamsul! You are the best friend ever! I regretted on what i did the past years..
If i know you were this good, and would have treated you better..

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