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Posted at 3/09/2010 01:55:00 PM
Grrr~ :|

Im so totally failing add maths.. i Sucks =x
But chemistry was easy though.. haha! Wish Add Maths was as easy as the calculation in chemistry.. :S

Today go back at 12pm :) happy2! :D I don't know why the teacher arrange only 2 test-per-day..
If 3 also okay... Cause, i can't wait for test to finish.. :D Then can holiday! :)
But i feel like, test or no test, everyday is the same...
Anyways, i borrow 20cents from Melvina.. I call my father.. Waited.. Then i saw that i call my own number! WTH~ =.=" Ish! Waste money only.. Now i owe Melvina 20cents.. :P
But usually i always forgot to pay.. haha! :))
So i just use Patricia phone to miscall daddy, so that he miscall back... :) A lil hatred.. haha!
I hate when she called herself a bitch.. Eyy~ So ish! :@
So if thats what she wants me to see her as, then fine Bitch! :P haha!

Nothing much today.. :) ehehehe~


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