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Posted at 3/07/2010 03:48:00 PM

Happy Birthday Fi :)

Dady give fifi that phione up there.. haha! Motorola VE538... Nice2 lh.. But no radio.. The kelemahan.. LOL~ Then, Jeffrey cry cause want phone also.. Heh~ Then dady ask want buy phone or laptop?
Trus, he got a new laptop.. :P Toshiba.. Actually Jeff want buy that Acer small laptop.. Cuter bh.. 
Then parents influence get in the way.. huh~

Just now i go OneTJ, i go to the CC there, hoping to see Lemon.. =/ But din't see at all.. :'(
+Me and him in a relationship, unofficial one.. haha! ;D I'm still single but unavailable..
Im just not ready for that time of commitment.. :(

O yeah~ After church go Country Court to celebrate fifi bdae... =) Got worm on the vege.. :O
haha! we eat finish the food, then we complain, the bos ask if we want to mnta ganti rugi or not?
But mumy say don't want.. :) Cause we so full already.. :P

Picts ;)

I just know beansprout is taugeh.. =.=

Edited Picts ;)


How to compare thee to the summer solstice :)

shakespeare equal to Loving arts~

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