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  'I call it LimeLight'
Posted at 3/17/2010 01:31:00 PM

I call it LimeLight :)
Twilight lil sister.. xD Nice kh? :P My editing still not so pro even tho already long in this industry :S
This is dedicated for you Lemon :D

Anyways, i gave my morning online to my lil sis..

I watch Wednesday Special first.. :P ehehe~ I din't know Korean take their beef so seriously.. =.=" They even make art with it.. :P But at last, everything end up in some other stomach.. :D

Then i watch my top most favourite Korean Drama! :P

Can't believe 8TV aired it again.. :') But, but.. they aired on the times i can't watch tv.. They aired it on a school time.. ;(

Put all those sadness away, ! and... bring in those SUNSHINE ^^

Anyways, after that i watch Mutiara.. :)

Ahhh~ This boy is cute.. ^^

Then i watch di bawah ketiak isteri =) i laugh half dead see :D
Today episod is about, 2 prisoners escape from prison.. One is deaf and one is always stammering.. :P Haha!

Then i eat with mummy =)

Picts ;)

Syamsul drew this for me when the laptop lag and i got angry :P

He drew this for me when i talked bout my lost-ipod.. :'(

Updating-out-of-nothing :P

Don't you just tumblr :)


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