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  'I don't care'
Posted at 3/19/2010 07:08:00 PM
First of all, I just got back from Spring.. =)
And was quite embarrass! Bah! Ee? Since when i say BAH? haha!
Totally, Vero gave me her embarrass traits as a souvenir :D

Kay... I wanna blog about Friendship Park, on Wednesday =)
Since i love blogging so much... haha!

Me, my parents, lil sis and lil bro went to Friendship Park on Wednesday... :))
Weeeeeee! Nothing FUN there =P

Let me just jump to the picts.. haha! :D I took those scenery especially for my Flickr and Tumblr site.. Got some scene i lazy wanna edit it.. haha! :D

Picts ;)


I just love how picnik make photos pretty ^^

Oh! Next im gonna blog about my Thursday evening :)

Emm.. Emm.. Last night, me, my parents, my big sis, lil sis n lil bro went out.. :D
We went to the spectacles shop.. My degree went up! :O Well, only my left eye degree.. My right eye still maintain.. Cool huh? :D I wonder how that can happen? :P

Oh! My mum insisted on buying me new frames, but i don't want to burden them.. =)
I insisted on just new left lens, cause my right degree still maintain.. haha!
So after that, we went to Ai Lee, to buy me new pairs of school shoes ^^
haha! Don't ask what happen to my old ones... :(

Then we go Jalan Song! :D And eat... Nom... Nom.... Nom... !!
I ordered hot plate, :)

Nice bh! ;) hahaha! Its pork rice.. Got mashed potato, and apple on it... :P

Oh! I wonder why i happen to have to spoons for my drink? And no straw? =.="
Weird much.. haha!

My first time camwhoring with my dad :P N i took the picture.. :D


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