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  'I fell down.. again.. embarasss'
Posted at 3/19/2010 07:21:00 PM
Fuh! Stupid Priscilla do Stupid thing TT

Haha! I went to Olga's house this morning.. Then we online for a while.. =)
ehehehe~ emmm... Then Syamsul come.. ! So we online together2.. haha! :))
Then Keith come, Mdm Flowrese wanted to take a few shots of Olga, Husna, n them.. For her course.. And will also be show on during assembly.. :)
Tommy borrow my hat to camwhore with.. haha! :D So cute bh him :DD

Then when we at Olga house again, after Peter come, Keith message Olga that he arrived Spring already.. eiih~ Trylh he tumpang us skali... We had to wait for the bus.. =.="
so long!!

At Spring ;)

We arrived, trus go food bazaar and eat.. haha! :P
I ate something nasty and regret not following Syamsul and Keith... :S haiz!
Last2 i don't want to eat, Soon, Leon(he walk from his house at BDC to Spring), Zack all share that mee..
Raw mee.. :X Olga, Peter, Janice, Joshua, Jordie all go to Sugarbun there.. Only me girl there.. haha!
Then Soon say, Sie Tak chia people at Sushi King.. heh~ Should have follow him..
But we went separate ways.. haha! :P

After that, we went to MBO, and meet Rodney! :D
After long decision, we agree on watching Alice in WonderLand.. :D
When Joshua buy popcorn, i see that Alice cup, I so want that! But it costs like, rm12.. :O
So tak jdi lh.. =(


In the theater,,

It was so DAMN cold!! :DD hahaha!! :P
Sitting second from the front was okay? :P Haha! Pretty comfortable, and it may be the best seats in the house.. haha! We(Peter, Me, Syamsul, Keith, Jordie) relax our self by putting out feets on the chair in from.. :)

My feet, Peter feet, Keith feet, Syamsul feet, Syamsul feet, my feet =)

Some scenes during the movie i took :)


After the movie.. =)


Then we stop at a magician booth.. Janice keep on saying she don't understand.. I keep on debating.. And the magician brother is hawt till i overreacted myself.. TT
Yeah! That is how i got embarrass!.. Haha! Before i go back, Olga ask me want to take picts with the magician brother, i say ok.. Then, he say his not available.. xP Haha!
Keith them say, i got rejected.. haha! nvm2.. =)
He give me his email address for facebook, but i don't want to add him.. :P LOL~ scared...
He got girlfriend already.. :P haha!

The magician.. He did so many tricks.. :O Very cool! As Syamsul would have said, Epic! LOL~
We keep on asking him to do tricks.. and we keep on asking question.. haha! :D

O yeah.. Apple Donuts.. =)


The toppings was so thick, and sticky... :P

I'm useless, I'm overexcited, I'm crazy, I'm wild, I'm Sorry...

The mushroom me and Syamsul discover on the way to the bus stop :)


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