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  'I'm trying to ignore you'
Posted at 3/27/2010 08:02:00 PM

Later earth hour lh.. If Peter didn't tell me surely i don't know.. ;D
I'm a pour earth consumer.. haha!

Today, even though Saturday but it's not Saturday for Gapor students :(
Sad isn't it? XP haha! But i kinda enjoy it though... LOL~
I'm loving school for my friends..

Emmm2.. Last night, i sleep 2+ am... But i didn't feel sleepy at all during school bh... :P
I don't know why so? Usually if i over sleep or enough sleep i'll be yawning on the first period already bh.. But, i feel so energized this morning... Maybe should try that often.. :P

During english, i presented my song.. Lucky me :) haha! If not, my effort on the video clip i did would be useless.. Well, it was useless cause it seems to be shivering in Mdm Flowrese laptop..
I didn't know that i was suppose to change the format.. :( But it's to late... haiz!
When i read my speech... I nearly cried... I was so nervous.. And my speech really touch me....
I look at him... He look at me.. I know he don't realize it, that i'm talking about him... :(

Last night, Tern message me.. He accuse me of having another number when we were together..
It's the number i bought when he got 010 number.. But now that number with his sis..
Weird lh~~ He forget kh i ever buy a private number just for him?? :x isk~

This morning, i thought you were going to talk to me, but again, I guess I was wrong..
I'm trying my best to ignore you, but it's difficult as i see you everyday...
And you seem to appear every time I think of you..
You didn't know all the conversation, all the things i told you, it's actually you..
But you didn't know.. I don't want to confess, I don't want to hurt another...
I'm sorry for keeping you hanging.. I'm sorry for all the things i've said..



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