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  'In another way'
Posted at 3/28/2010 05:23:00 PM
This morning go to church.. As normal..
Then got AGM, somehow i got into the conference room.. xP haha!
Before that, i went to the church library for the first time.. :P My account is 92 ^^
Anyways, i borrow 2 manga book, about Jesus :) It's like a bible.. xP Only that its not so complete..
Then go eat my favorite mee mamak at JJ cafeteria :) nom... nom... nom...

Then go spring.. On the way to Spring~~

Pris: Dady... Why you don't want to use that way to spring? Near bh.. Koko always use..
Dady: Nevermind.. use the long cut.. =)
Pris: Dady.. You go office kh?
Dady: err.. yeah~ why?
Pris: Nothing.. *look at dady going to another road to spring*
Pris: ee.. you lie arh! :P why you don't want to use another road leh? near bh.....
Dady: isk! why you talk so much.. more worse than mumy.. =.="

Arrive at spring there, want to park car, but no parking space.. we turn around the place for half an hour.. :| And i have the urge, to go toilet and shee2.. real bad... XP
Then when almost want find parking space, dady honk like crazy.. haha! :P

When we finally park, i quickly run to the toilet.. haha! ahhh~ So happy finally! :DD

Then, i go walk at the second floor to find Watson, but i can't find.. I walk half dead.. still can't find.. Ish! the watson at the first floor.. =.= haiyh!
oh2.. i want to renew my simcard body but need ic... huhu! nevermind lh.. ='(
Then after go watson, Jeffrey wanna buy a toy gun, but last last but car.. heh~

Then fifi buy a panda... Piggy twin! :D Same body but different animal lh.. n no nose! xD

Anyways, i go find Jason at Traveller.. erh~ whats the name of the shop?? Forgot... :P
I always run away from dady just to find Jason.. haha! xP I'm disappointed in myself.. =P
Then i always appear in his shop... But nobody attend to me so i run away....
Then, i sit opposite his shop... He stand in front of his shop veranda.. Then we message2..
I ask fifi, why the workers use phone during work and i can't last time? She say maybe the boss no around.. Then, me and him message2.. Then we always look at each other and laugh..
And thats when fifi suspect something.. xD She ask me, why that guy always look at me? and i also always look at him? Then i say i don't know? Then i call him to make sure.. Then he answer lh.. Then i put down... Then fifi say why when i call, he answer, when i close, he close also?...
I didn't answer... xP Then fifi say his my new boyfriend.. I say.. no! i'm window.. :D
Haiz! :P

Then when he go Food court, i go MPH there to buy books.. And i bought.....

Midori Days, issue 2-6... i wanted to buy 7-8 but dady say cannot.. :(

Oh2! Jason when looking for me at MPH too! :P we observe each other from a-far....
Then when we pass each other, he say... "Dekat-dekat pun mau msg" and i answer, "where got!"... haha! :P

oh! i saw Jeslynah at MPH working :))

It's a pity his potential lower than me or else, i'll date him... :(


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