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  'OMG! Am i fat :O"
Posted at 3/13/2010 08:42:00 PM
Keith just upload the pictures that we took at Friendship Park :D

The pict i Love the most ^^ [From up-left:Soon, Keith, Jeremy(what is he holding? o.O), Syamsul, Kelly][From down-left:Charlston, Asyikin, Emi, Me^^ and Sie Tak]

Haha! Soon look so bLur2 :P And Sie Tak look like noob xP

We all look at the sky except Charlston, Sie Tak, Syikin and Emi.. :P Keith say their sky haters.. haha! :P

Ok now.. Let's blog bout my life =)

Haiz! Why this *** so troublesum! :@
I know one thing is that shes mad.. So please, i know you will read my blog, and if you "terasa" don't ask me anymore question of her.. Its the best for everybody.. I mean, she doesn't even care about you, why should you care about her?!..


I feel like she don't like me, Mel, and Pat to hang around with Dby anymore.. :| I mean, so obvious bh.. When we go and talk2 with dby, you pull a long face at us and ask Dby to go toilet with you..huh~~ Even Mel can see it.. I don't know if Pat realise,, But yeaa~ I want to be friends with you.. Hmm.. I like the old you.. Why you change?... =| I miss hugging and laughing throughout the hallway with you... But when i did that, that day, you din't want to.. In fact, you ignore me.. And walk behind me.. =/ I felt like an idiot their.. haiz!

What again hoe?

Ah yes... I don't know why? but some how i felt like his lying to me.. =| I mean, we're cousin from a-far.. I know i shouldn't have acted this way.. But i don't know whats wrong.. It's like i can't listen to all what you say anymore as i felt like you were lying.. :( Haiz! I don't know what to do cause it's like i owe so much from you.. You were the one that has always been there for me..
But when you tell something like that, it make me seems that its so impossible for someone like you.. Sorry =|


I don't know what to say.. :| I don't know why since that day, i always remember him...
Such strong feelings for someone like me :|

Any hoo! Tally-Ho!~~

Dhaa :)

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