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  'One less lonely girl'
Posted at 3/26/2010 11:10:00 PM
Sorry blogger :( Long time no update.. I'm kinda busy lately, so no time to online..
And on the other hand, its quite difficult for me to online now.. Stupid him :'(

I'm gonna blog from 22 March-25 March.. haha! :P I don't care...

22 March 2010

Today got PUM.. We lost rm31 :( Sad lh... Don't know why only Monday workers always lost money.. :( I don't understand and don't know why.. :( We're honest people bh.. Maybe some of us wrong count stocks? I don't know.. huhu! So poor at the end of the year.. :(

Oh! Today is pat last day of school.. She move to Muara Tuang :D

23 March 2010

And! Surprisingly my moral get 5 marks only.. And add maths get only 4.. haha! xP
I'm not fit to be in Beta lh.. :'( But Cass say, theirs a reason i was put in there.. huu~ But i guess for a lousy reason.. haha! :P

Anyways, today Mdm Flowrese show the video of me.. :P haha! The one that was shoot at Taman Sahabat there :)) Since then, people all call me "plakon utama" :DD
And most people agree that the most funniest part was when Asyikin brought me up and they saw a piece of paper under my ass.. :P haha! What! I didn't my white pants to get black bh.. :P

24 March 2010

Mel say that healthy hair can float on water.. and mine is healthy!

Anyways, got this Monica Studio come to school to cut people hair for free! :D I cut my hair layer and my fringe do some shaping :) Wait if i free, i take pictures.. ;D
Mel also cut her hair.. Rocky bh.. :P But the hair-dresser styled her hair too! I was like, why that guy didn't spray stuff on my hair and style it too! Cass say, that that guy actually wanna escape from me.. xP Because i was to talkative... haha!
Got this one time i ask that guy who straighten my hair, oh yh! i straighten my hair too! :D
anyways, i ask him, "How many years has he straighten people hair?" He answered me the price.. =.=" He misconcept me XP Debby and Li Fei laugh at me.. haha!
Oh2.. Then i force Cass to cut her hair, but she don't want.. ;(

Oh! I stay back for KRS.. me and mel went to 101 to eat kolok mee :D
when we got back, it was late already.. haha! we're never punctual..

Then when go back, mel mother suprise to see her..! :DD

Oh! Before we go back, we go in library first.. :) We see this 3 dictionary, we thought it was different but then it was actually sequence dictionary.... The 1st one was from A-G, the 2nd one was from H-Q.. The last one was from S-Z... so thick lh! :O and heavy.. xP
Then we see this language book.. :) We laugh at other people language.. haha! :DD
Then when i tried to speak bidayuh serian, mel laugh till can't talk.. :'(

25 March

I stayback again to see the St John's marching.. :) Then i ask for help from their Commander on how to be a commander.. But i failed.. Instead petricia(mel sis) took my place.. haha! :P
But she was not strict enough.. Scared~~ :(

Then after the recess for afternoon session, me and Mel ask Bona to train us to march.. :P
haha! so long i didn't march bh.. :) Kinda stiff.. but still FUN! :)) Can't for the NGO competition at Matang Jaya there.. =))

Oh! Then go back, my head was all giddy... :( I can't concentrate in what i am doing.. :(

Oh2! Dady go kL.. :((

My life~

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