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Posted at 3/08/2010 02:15:00 PM
Old editor is better than the new and improve :)

Last night when to Sugarbun at OneTJ there.. Celebrate Fifi birthday again.. :P
I know the shopkeeper fed-up at looking at my face, :P... I saw them like 3 times yesterday...

Erh~ Just now got test.. =) Aduhaii~ Senang betul.. B)
Especially BM.. I like BM paper better than the previous years one.. No need to write long and no-idea essay.. :) Lurve it! haha! Just like fill in the blank.. :P I like the part when we have to find the wrong grammar, wrong spelling and stuff.. So easy to find.. :P

Sejarah on the other hand, is quite.. erm~ YingYang.. :P haha! Section A was easy cause I study..
And the way i study it is really effective but slow.. xP
Then section B very hard.. TT, Stupid Alexander.. haha! ;D

Anyways, I made a story of Civilization Of Rome AKA Tamadun Rom.. =)

I married Julius Ceaser, but then divorce cause he got 7 mistresses... That is, Maccedonia, Mesir, Syam, Jerman, Brittania, Perancis and Yunani.. :P Then I married Augustus Ceaser(which later then i found out is Julius son's, which mean is my son to! xP).. And I gave birth to Cassandra on the third month of our marridge.. :) Which means, Cassandra has Julius nucleus.. :P haha!
Then she got married to Alexander... :)

And Alexander is totally a different story already.. :P haha!

When i can't answer that Alexander question, i whisper to Cassandra that i don't want her to married him anymore.. xD

Then, when go back, i thought why Cikgu Edgar stand at the walk-side.. Rupayh, he wants to talk to me about the comment i wrote about him.. I was so shock.. I din't expect him to know anything.. Cause Cikgu Daisy say that it was secret.. But guess not, cause he had everything printed out.. :O haha! :)

Why did the chicken cross the road? Duh~ To get across.. =.=" Lame lh that type of joke.. :P
People always exaggerate thinks from a few words just to make it funny... ish~


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