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  'Rindu kh?'
Posted at 3/06/2010 12:46:00 AM
Ngekk~ Spa ndak miak gLa yh?!.. ;D

*Hear paddle pop sound*
Pris:Awh! Fiey~ I want buy ice-cream.. :)
Pris:*take money*run out* Excuse me!
*paddle pop go away*

TT.. Kempunan ice-cream :(

Just now school, normal lh.. :) Nothing special.. accept for that Sie Tak & Patricia-Dibby-Problem.. =.=" Apalh?!... haha! ;D

Sie Tak: PrisCilLa! The name do capital letter?
Pris: I don't know? I just do :)
Sie Tak: Ask teacher..
Pris:*Ask teacher* Aduh~ I already do in normal letter :(
Sie Tak: Haha!
-Few minutes later-
Sie Tak: PrisCilLa! The school name do full or in short form?
Pris: I don't know.. But I do in short form cause i hear teacher say :)
Sie Tak: Ask teacher!
Pris: Ermm.. *ask teacher*

~I made him angry somehow~

Sie Tak: I want F*ck you arh!
Pris: =.=" Try arh! i circumsize you two time later! ;D
Cass: How you know how many times? Maybe 1?
Pris: Don't know... :P
*Sie Tak diam*


hahahah! :)

Anyways, that pat2, ish~ I know lh she angry... Still dare to shout it out at the canteen..
Memalukan~ As if she's trying to kick my ass... =.= Kick her later arh!
People want bring settle she don't want.. Move left, move right..
Now i know i friend with someone who's reputation as low as the sand in Egypt..
I hate someone who rendah diri just to get sympathize... Think it work kh?!.. I feel like i needed to puke at you just so you realize...

Next week test Liao! TT... Maths chapter 3 also haven finish learn.. huu~
+I so scared of all those science subjects =/

My post each day is getting lesser :'(

Dhaaaa~ :)

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