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  'Today was not a fairytale'
Posted at 3/26/2010 11:38:00 PM
Sylvester ever ask me, Do fairies have tail? haha! They don't :) The tale in fairytale doesn't mean tail.. it means stories... xP Stupid anime title teach him stupid things.. haha! Kidding =)

Today? emm... Nothing much lh happen.. :P Its just the same accept today i was all so EMO.. :(
Only God know why.. heh~

This morning Syamsul message ask me to play this staring competition with him but i refuse cause i say i don't want to fall in love with him.. XP hahaha!

He say he keep on hoping that i stare at him back.. But........

Anyways, Sie Tak found a pencil in the chemistry floor lab... He give to me, i give to syamsul and said that i found it in a stationary shop floor.. and i added that i didn't steal it.. xP
He say im a stealer.. haha! :P It's not actually stealing cause i FOUND it.. :D see the difference from taking the things from the shelf than the floor.. haha!

Just now, Mdm Flowrese ask us to present the song about eyes.. My name haven't reach yet..
so tomorrow im gonna present it.. Im suppose to make a video clip of the song, but i had that need to update my online websites.. ;P hahaha!

See yaa~ Dhaa!

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