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  'Yesterday Love brought me down'
Posted at 3/12/2010 12:40:00 PM
11 March 2010

Hrmm... =P I surely fail Biology.. :) So confident of it.. haha!

Then time recess Pat saw a ringgit in front of the canteen floor..
She ask me to get.. :P
Then i lecture her about not being honest and all..
Then i saw, "Haiyh! Rezeki pun rezeki lh.. :)" and take the money.. xP
And i bought kerepek with it.. ehehehe!

Nothing much i guess? :) Let's move on to today.. LOL~

12 March 2010

Later i go to Friendship Park to do a play on "He had such quiet eyes" :D

Emm2.. This morning Cikgu Law Mea Tan lecture the whole class about that Chemistry paper.. She said that Beta is the worse class and that Teta did better than us :P haha!
Well.. I got 44%... :) Hah! I beat you Lemon :P haha!
Anyways, she said that majority failed chemistry and i was really glad i wasn't one of em.. :)
In fact, i got higher than Cassiendra~~ XD

Anyways, after Moral test got PJK.. totally failling it =) But i don't really care.. hehe~
Not really important.. I guess the only question i can actually and confident its correct is that question 41.. :P The one that got petrolis major in it.. :P Cikgu Quek always talk about it..
Till i remember where is it.. :))

When recess, i go in Dby's class.. I saw that there was a correction for Moral.. I was like, HELL!
Nobody say anything about correction in moral.. TT, The 1st correction i can accept.. But the 2nd one i can't.. The mark is 2, but actually is 4.. I answer base on the mark bh... =X
Damnit! +i scared i fail PM~ Cause not confident enough.. Scare the definition wrong or cacat-ed..


Anyways, last test was Sivik.. Easy.. Not come to 15 minutes i already finish :)
Mdm Flowrese ask us to sleep.. :P haha! But i played rock, paper, scissors with Husna~
hahaha! :D I always lose TT

"Ok class.. Since this is the last test, i want you all to give yourself a clap"

Before go back, Mdm Flowrese ask some girls and a few boys, to pose as "girls pleasure-seeking guys".. =P hahaha!!

I can't wait to slap Sie Tak later ^^


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