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  '5 thing you shouldn't do during a blackout'
Posted at 4/11/2010 02:07:00 AM
5 stupid things you shouldn't during a blackout

First of all, a blackout is when the electrical cables is in faulty. During these times, people tend to get restless and starts to blame SESCO on everything. After blaming, they got so bored, and try to find things to fulfill their needs. And here's 5 stupid things you shouldn't do during a blackout.
First, you shouldn't take a bath no matter how smelly you are, cause you might not know the position of the soap and syampoo. You might even end up cleansing your face with your father shaving's cream.
Second, you shouldn't read the newspaper no matter how eager you are on reading it even if SESCO says something about the electrical faulty in it. Reading it with a small amount of light, may cause giddiness. Plus, you won't be able to read it well.
Third, your english teacher ask you to do an important oral assessment. And you only have a candle. Think twice, cause you not only risk of burning your house, you are also in risk of damaging your eyes.
Forth, you shouldn't text your friend about the blackout. It can cause damage to your eyes too.
Same also for the fifth and last one, that is online or surfing the net with a laptop and broadband.
And for the not so pros one, you may receive difficulties in searching for the position of the keypads.


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