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  'April Fool'
Posted at 4/01/2010 01:59:00 PM
The day where you make a total fool of someone else :)

Yesterday.... ?? hmmm~
oh yh! I brought my baby to school :) Olga them always take picture with it.. :P
haha! Sometimes she make nervous.. cause of the way she hold my baby...
=) Then go back, thought Rusa want come.. But i know I shouldn't believe him, cause he scared of the sun.. :DD Anyways, i fought with him.. ish! Not yet anything, already can fight.. =.="
He lh start first.. I never meet someone like that.. :( Not gentlemen one.. haiz!

Anyways, don't think i never felt at least a spoon of guiltiness.. The heart knows what it wants and is must be set in freedom..
I'm sorry k~~

Oh! Yesterday got practice marching.. I'm one of the best :))

Later, want go to The Reporters Club meeting.. :)) I want to ask Straits Times to do a workshop.. ^^ Everything is easy, cause of the help of dady.. xP haha!
I know Straits Times host workshop always the best cause i've experience it.. :P

Awh2.... Today April Fool lh.. xP I always fool someone, then always get fooled back.. :P
heh~ :) I tried to fool Harry, but it was tough.. nevermind2.. :P

Dady: WHo didn't bring money just now?
Fifi: Meee!
--At home--
Me: *Takes fifi money*
Fi.... I take your money.. :D
Fifi: Oh...

Haha! She thought i April-Fooled her... xP


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