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  'Berat Hati'
Posted at 4/17/2010 01:43:00 PM

Today i learn a new phrase... Well it's not so new, but yea.... Anyways, I learn the phrase "berat hati"... In BM, it means like unwilling.. But in LOVE language it means the funny feeling you get when you think of someone that you really-really love.. :) When you have that berat hati feeling, it would usually gets accompanied by butterflies in your stomach...
Jason taught me that word.. When i'm with him, i always feel nervous and malu, padahal i'm known for my taktwu-malu face :D
He ask me why i love him, i also don't know why? I also don't know how i develop this feelings towards him.. It's unusual... Although me always fight, he doesn't really trust me that much, but I am willing to stay by him.. Cause this feelings don't usually come by..
And the truth is, his the second boy i really-really like..

I actually don't really want to be in love this year, i just want to focus on being myself and only taking care of myself.. I seriously didn't want to let myself fall in love.. I don't want to hurt someone again.... Till he appear... ~ He accompanied me, talk to me every night..

Without him, i guess my life is empty..

I'm giving Love a chance to wreck me once more again :)

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