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Posted at 4/22/2010 02:57:00 PM
I don't know whether to believe or to not believe my own friend :)

My story so long arh! ==" Haha! People say i should be a novelist :) But i don't want lh..
Quite difficult to become one.. Later have to wait for 2 years then got new story.. cause writting needs passion.. :) Who writes without passion, when the readers read it, they won't feel anything towards their story later.. LOL~

But i freaking love my story... haha! :D Is the best one I've done... I guess? :)
I write it with so much passion, so much feeling.. I guess I nearly cry thinking of it.. The story is nearly the same as my love story... :P haha! But not so the same though...
I remix it.. :)

Just now, while waiting for dady after school at the bus stop, I continued on writting my story.. :P Dady forget to pick me arh! ==" when arrived home only he remembers.. Darnit~

+Tomorrow go SMK Matang Jaya again.. Ngaiti~ Li Fei say that we have to stand 1 half hour + during the closing ceremony.. TT, hope the sky have mercy on us.. :D Not like that day~ when our turn, trus the sun come out.. =="

Only those with passion, are enable to entertain the readers :)


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