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Posted at 4/23/2010 10:59:00 PM

Congratulation. Congratulation. Congratulation.

Now i have new nickname liao :D Cikgu Marnisa called me "Miak terer rebut"... :D
Just now, before we went to Matang Jaya, I sempat rebut bus with Boys Brigade.. I want the aircon bus.. :D hahaha! The Boys Brigade just want to climb up the bus, i already run to that bus and climb first.. haha! :D I think they angry.. haha! LOL~

Then, we wait for the closing ceremony to start.. :) So long arh we wait under the sun, lucky not very hot arh.. If not die! :D haha!
During the ceremony, we actually have to stand still, but you know me.. I can't even sit still if I was force too.. haha! :D i make new unknown friend from Matang and Semerah Padi :)
I still think that KRS contigen for Semerah Padi shouldn't stand in the front when the VIP came in cause that school belongs to Matang bh.. Should ask the Matang Jaya kids to stand there...

Anyways, I keep on asking for water.. XP hahaha! I don't feel dehydrated at all, but i still ask for it for fun... LOL~ and cause i pity the ones who stand in front.. :) We stand at the back, all relax want.. No need to worry.. Even I text during the closing ceremony.. which was illegall.. :D haha!

The result was suprising :))

St John Gapor got first for the NGO girls category, Boys Brigade got second for the NGO boys category and Kadet Remaja got 3rd for the KRS girls category.. :D weeee!
Next year aim for number 1 :D haha! don't know can or not?? :P
Anyways, KRS winning all thanks to Sawit.. If he hadn't teach us, what will happen? :P haha!

O yeah! When all the contigen was suppose to stand under the hot sun, got one KRS girl from Semerah Padi.. She... emmm.. how to say? She drink water but the water don't want to enter her throat.. I guess?? :P She end up throwing up the water.. then she faint.. sad~

Picts ;)

My new Semerah Padi friend name Noor Madisah :))



In the bus ;)


Then, after Dady pick, we go Segi with chacha cause she wanna pay her school fee.. :)
Then we go to Lee Coffee Shop there.. see got Sugi and family, and Vita and family and Edwin and family, and Uncle Joseph and family :)

Me and Sugi talk2.. :D haha! His like a friend.. :) we share many things together.. his open minded, :P ehehehe.. so safe lh if i share my secrets with him.. :) he won't lecture me like Aaron.. ==" heh~

+We even took pictures together :))


I use his phone to msg .... :D hahahaha! He like keberatan only want admit? Dh lh he didn't msg me when i use Sugi phone to msg him.. :'( nevermind~~

O yeah! This week is Minggu Saham at Wisma Bapa.. I wanna go.. :'( Alfa and Gama students all go.. Not fair! Beta and Teta students should all go too.. !! huuu~
Not fair! :X tomorrow i want to force dady to bring me there.. see what's the fun everybody is talking bout.. >;D

I heart Lychee and Green Tea but mostly Green Tea XP

The grasshopper i took, :)

A guy may flirt all day, but in the end, one girl will be remembered always :)

Boy A: *looks at Boy B with Girl A*calls Boy B* Take good care of her :)

Note ; Boy A is a playful boy who practically flirts with every girl in class =="


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